Hammer bullets


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Feb 21, 2014
Northern Co
I was checking out the used guns on Guns America and saw First Stop had a Cooper 52 Timberline 6.5 prc so I decided to check it out because I was interested in the target that comes with their rifles to see what bullet and powder they used.
I was surprised/happy/proud to see this rifles .5 moa accuracy was proofed with 124 gr Hammer Hunters! Pretty fricken cool for Steve and the guys at Hammer Bullets!
I think it’s a smart move on Cooper’s part, consistently some of the easiest bullets I’ve loaded for. Usually just play with powder charge and not seating depth. Just yesterday I ran some 129 Absolute Hammers in a .264 WinMag with a starting load of RL26 given by Brian @ Hammer. Went up in .5 grain increments till I seen the first indication of pressure (ever so slight ejector mark, 90 degree temps), dropped it down 1.5 grains from there and shot 2 x .5” groups at 100 yards. Need to try it at 800 to see how it holds up. If decent then I’ll run this load for pronghorn in a couple weeks.
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