H-4350. Help.


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Jan 7, 2003
Swartz creek Mi
A good friend gave me a new can of H4350..I have found only loads for the .3006.
For the .3006, it was 53.0 to 59.0 @165gr SSTs
Have any of you guys ever used it and what are your opinions?
I also need a load for the .308 using 165gr SSTs and 150gr SSTs, if you can, I could use some help.
Thanks a bunch.
I use H4350 in my 03A3 with a 24" E.R. Shaw barrel. Holds .6MOA at 100 no matter what and my best 3 shot group at 600yds was slightly under 2" with very little vertical spread. It will push 165gr NBT's to about 2950 ft/s and they have been devastating on deer and hogs to 300 yards which is the farthest shot opportunity I have had.
h4350 is pretty much as old as it gets in powders. They've updated it a bit but it's an old variety; good but old. It(h4350) is a bit slow and bulky for the 308, but kc's about right on charges for the 165 in a 30-06. I personally woundn't go above 57-58gr for any 4350 (imr, h, or accurate) as I've had an 06 that would get hard bolt lift with anything over 56 grains i4350 with a 165.
30-06 with 165/168 's and h4350. I found two nodes that worked well, 57.5 grs and 59grs.

308 win 168's found Varget to work well around 46grs.

Hope this helps, and please work up to these.
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