H-4350 and the 243


Feb 12, 2009
I have access to some H-4350.
However, I wanted to use this in my 243 with the 70 grain SBK's.
The manual shows this powder being used in the 80 grain and up bullets.
Can this powder be used with the 70 grain bullets, or id it to slow.


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Jan 10, 2008
My old Hodgdon #26 manual list 44.0 grs H-4350 as a start load and 47.0 grs as a max load for 70 gr bullets for the 243 Winchester. Hope this helps you.


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Feb 7, 2005
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It 'can' be used but there are better choices.

I agree, H4350 is somewhat slow for that weight bullet. It really starts to shine with the 90 - 100gr pills. Quite a while back when I was working with several different weights in a couple of .243's I found H380 to work out better with the lighter bullets. Of course there are even a few newer powders around which would work as well or better than 380 now.

If you want a dual purpose load, you might try the 95gr Ballistic Tips with the H4350. I got the smallest groups of any load I ever tried from my Win Mod 70 using that particular combo. Velocity was top end as well with field performance being awesome on both vermin and deer. The added weight will also reduce some of your drift as well.

Good Luck
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