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Gunwerks G7BR2 -Ballistic Laser Rangerfinder 2000- $859.00

Justin Skaar

Jul 4, 2018
Chelan, WA
Gunwerks G7BR2 Ballistic Laser Rangefinder. Second Generation Gunwerks Model- 2000 yards/ meters. Ballistic Dope Output to MILS + MOA!

Gunwerks G7 BR2 Gen 2 Ballistic Rangefinder- Has both MRAD and MOA outputs

Bought a couple years ago and took it on two successful hunts and shot out passed 1000m with the BDC solution. Thinning out my optic collection.

Just input your bullet data and it will save to the unit in perpetuity. When you go shooting you click the targeting button and the device will output the range as well as your ballistic dope output for your rifle scope turrets. Dial it up on the scope and send it! Never have to open up a ballistic app on your smartphone again and will save much needed time to get you a quick and accurate range and shooting solution instantaneously.

Like new in pouch.

Comes with Rangefinder, Gunwerks OEM Zipper Pouch and Owner's Manual.

The G7 BR2 is equipped with three sensors two of which almost no other commercial rangefinders have. First, like many rangefinders the G7 BR2 is equipped with an inclination sensor for making angle compensated readings so the unit can calculate true horizontal distance to the target. Next, and unlike most rangefinders the G7 BR2 is equipped with a temperature sensor, an important factor that needs to be calculated for long distance shots. Note, because the temperature sensor is built into the rangefinder make sure it has time to adjust from quick temperature changes, like when getting out of a warm truck into a cold a weather environment. Finally, this unit is equipped with a barometric pressure sensor which is also a very uncommon feature to find among current rangefinders. The G7 BR2 rangefinder gives the atmospheric pressure uncorrected for sea level which is what long range shooters want; furthermore it takes this measurement and converts it to an approximate altitude measurement for those using charts or programs that use an altitude input instead of directly inputting the atmospheric pressure.

Range Only Mode
The G7 BR2 has two types of modes, a Range Only Measurement mode and a Ballistic Profile mode. This rangefinder comes from the factory in the Range Only Measurement mode and will range as close as 10 yards out to a maximum of 2500 yards in ideal conditions on reflective targets. In this mode the rangefinder will return the distance to the target in LOS (line of sight distance) for a moment and then display the true horizontal distance (angle compensated range). However, the individual sensor data such as temperature, barometric pressure, target angle and approximate altitude can all be displayed by using the small forward arrow on top of the unit; this feature is handy for those using a ballistics program on a smartphone or other device but still want to take advantage of all the data this G7 rangefinder can collect.

Ballistic Profile Mode
The other mode this rangefinder operates in is a Ballistic Profile mode. Here you can enter exact specific custom load data for up to five different cartridges. The rangefinder will use this data to calculate firing solutions in drop units (mils, MOA, inches or BDC) out to 1400 yards. This mode requires the following data to be entered:

Profile name (i.e. 7Mag or 338Lap, etc.)

Drop units (MOA, mils, inches, or bdc)

Drag standard (G1 or G7)

Ballistic coefficient (i.e. .512,.631, etc)

Muzzle velocity (chronograph for best results)

Sight height (center of bore to center of scope)

Turret Temp (Only for BDC output)

Turret Altitude (Only for BDC output)

Zero Range (Only for BDC output)

BDC Output
As seen above if you are using a custom ballistic turret on your riflescope and wish to use this rangefinder in a ballistic profile mode with BDC output, you need to provide some additional information. This rangefinder requires the temperature, altitude, and zero range that your turret was made for. After you enter these three additional inputs, the G7 BR2 rangefinder will be able to calculate a shoot as distance which will give you the yards range you need to dial on your custom turret. So when the rangefinder is in BDC mode you simply turn your turret to the matching yardage the rangefinder is displaying.


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