1. Justin Skaar

    Gunwerks G7BR2 -Ballistic Laser Rangerfinder 2000- $859.00

    Gunwerks G7BR2 Ballistic Laser Rangefinder. Second Generation Gunwerks Model- 2000 yards/ meters. Ballistic Dope Output to MILS + MOA! Gunwerks G7 BR2 Gen 2 Ballistic Rangefinder- Has both MRAD and MOA outputs Bought a couple years ago and took it on two successful hunts and shot out...
  2. Vamike9

    Kestrel 5700 Ballistics Like New

    Kestrel 5700 Ballistics with Link Everything is like new and updated to the latest firmware available. The Applied Ballistics solver is integrated into this Kestrel. I've never even used this other than outside a couple of times. I'll take $365 Shipped tyd
  3. R

    Leica (Kestrel Connectivity Issues Resolved)

    Felt compelled to help everyone on such an aggravating topic after finding a solution.
  4. R

    Leica Bluetooth Communication Fix to link with Kestrel

    I’ve seen lots of commentary on the Bluetooth connectivity problems of the Geovid and kestrel devices. I felt obligated to help Leica, Kestrel and fellow shooters, after struggling on this topic for a few straight days in preparation for a Guardian Long Range Match at GTI this year...
  5. mercerbear

    Sig 2400BDX & Kestrel 5700 Elite w/ Link - Both New in Box

    I have a New in Box Sig 2400BDX RF and New in Box Kestrel 5700 with Link. The 2400 BDX is OD Green and the Kestrel 5700 Elite is FDE. The product code for the Sig is SOK24704. The product code for the Kestrel is 0857ALFDE. I would like to get $615 shipped for the Kestrel and $615 shipped for...
  6. Mac bailey

    Kestrel Pocket Weather Tracker 4500 NV Bluetooth

    Used Kestrel 4500 NV... I bought this used a couple years ago and have not used it except to test it out around where I live. Since I have not used it as I intended I am selling it. The info below is off the kestrel web site. I never learned it so I don't know its total ability. I do know it...
  7. Floundertrap

    Inexpensive nikon wind meter (made by weatherflow)

    This weekend I came across a sale item at my local Sportsman's Warehouse, a Nikon Ballistic Wind Meter intended to be used as part of the Spot-On system. I am a Leupold guy and haven't used Spot On since about 2012 or so, but I noticed this wind meter had a logo imprinted into it (see pic) that...
  8. Hiwayman92

    SOLD/EXPIRED ISO Kestrel with applied ballistics

    Interested in the 4500 or 5700 series with Bluetooth elite or Sportsman model possibly. Not in a big hurry, just looking for a deal. Thanks!