1. Mac bailey

    Kestrel Pocket Weather Tracker 4500 NV Bluetooth

    Used Kestrel 4500 NV... I bought this used a couple years ago and have not used it except to test it out around where I live. Since I have not used it as I intended I am selling it. The info below is off the kestrel web site. I never learned it so I don't know its total ability. I do know it...
  2. Floundertrap

    Inexpensive nikon wind meter (made by weatherflow)

    This weekend I came across a sale item at my local Sportsman's Warehouse, a Nikon Ballistic Wind Meter intended to be used as part of the Spot-On system. I am a Leupold guy and haven't used Spot On since about 2012 or so, but I noticed this wind meter had a logo imprinted into it (see pic) that...
  3. Hiwayman92

    SOLD/EXPIRED ISO Kestrel with applied ballistics

    Interested in the 4500 or 5700 series with Bluetooth elite or Sportsman model possibly. Not in a big hurry, just looking for a deal. Thanks!

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