1. T

    SOLD/EXPIRED Gunwerks G7 BR2 Gen2

    Like new gunwerks br2 gen 2 ballistics rangefinder can be selected to for MOA/MIL/BDC corrections. It’s been on one hunt and to the range twice Comes with the unit, carry case and retractable lanyard. 1100 TYD lower 48 (add 3% for PP g&s if used) tried to add photos not sure if it worked...
  2. Dukerugger25

    Gunwerks 7 LRM LR1000T (LH, Left Handed)

    I am selling my Gunwerks 7LRM LR1000T, titanium action (left handed). A GW Magnus stock was added in August of 2018, and Joe Ducos installed an adjustable cheek rest (KMW Loggerhead). The rifle was rebarrelled in July of 2019 with a 24” 8 twist proof carbon (+ GW’s directional muzzle brake). The...
  3. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTT 6.5 PRC Brass for ADG 300 PRC

    I’m looking to trade 100 new Gunwerks or ADG 6.5 PRC Brass for 100 new ADG 300 PRC brass. Will not sell, trade only. Thanks for looking.
  4. S

    Gunwerks G7 Gen II Range Finder for sale

    Gunwerks G7 Gen II Range Finder for sale Perfect condition, used but taken care of and work perfectly. I have it listed for a heck of a deal on gunbroker. Listing here:
  5. Dukerugger25

    Gunwerks 7LRM LR1000T, titanium action (left handed)

    I am selling my Gunwerks 7LRM LR1000T, titanium action (left handed). A GW Magnus stock was added in August of 2018, and Joe Ducos then installed an adjustable cheek rest (KMW Loggerhead). The rifle was rebarrelled in July of 2019 with a 24” 8 twist proof carbon (+ GW’s directional muzzle...
  6. KenParker

    Stock decision for a 300 Norma Mag

    Hello, after 2 years I almost finish my hunting-long range shooting rifle in 300 Norma Mag: so far I got a new REM 700 action, Lothar Walther Medium Palma barrel, MDM 5 port BEAST muzzle brake, timney calvin elite 2 stage trigger. I have a question about a stock: I'm about to order a...
  7. T

    WTB/WTT for gunwerks g7br2500

    Looking to get a Gunwerks G7 BR2500. I have a Burris XTRII 8-40x50 or 5-25x50. Both basically new. Mounted and like 10 rounds through either.
  8. D

    .30 Cal Selection

    All, I have a selection between a gunwerks clymer 30 nosler (22” barrel) and a gunwerks Magnus 300prc (23” barrel). The 30nos will be 8lbs 4oz where the Magnus will be 10lb 3oz (both fully loaded). l plan to be hunting anything from sheep to moose with it up here in Canada. If you were to...
  9. D

    Little Hunt Video

    Put a little video together for a season that fell apart this last summer. My "long range" experience was 230 yards LOL!
  10. R


    I am interested in purchasing a Gunwerks rifle in the 6.5 creedmore or similar. The caliber needs to be able to be handled by my wife.I would like to use it for Elk, Antelope, and target. Thank you
  11. MTSLW

    NIB Gunwerks BR2500 $1300

    **PRICE DROP** $1200 Brand new still sealed. Haven’t had a use for my normal rangefinder since switching to the Leica LRF binos. Figure these need a new home. Would consider switching towards a good quality MIL/MIL scope.
  12. IdahoHunter208

    G7 BR2500 or KILO2400ABS voting poll

    My wife is planning to get me a new spendy range finder for our anniversary this year and I am struggling trying to decide which one to get. The Gunwerks G7 BR2500 or Sig Sauer Kilo2400ABS. I got into long range shooting last year and hope to be good enough to compete in the next couple years. I...
  13. live2huntmt

    Gunwerks Accurized Sendero

    Gunwerks accurized Rem Sendero 300 Win McMillan Adjustable A3 w/ flush cups Timney trigger Radial Brake & thread protector (5/8x24) Fluted Bolt Cerekote Glass Bedded Talley 1 piece rings (lapped) 60 round count (break in & development) All work done by Gunwerks Shoots 215 Berger’s @ 2915 w/ 77gr...
  14. BigBuck74

    Gunwerks custom proof barrel 6.5 prc

    For sale is custom rifle, chambered for 6.5 PRC out of Council Mountain Gun works. Here is the build. - Gunwerks action and picatinney bases - McMillan Game Scout stock molded in camo to match the cerakote - Proof Research Sendero barrel - Calvin Elite trigger - BDL bottom metal - Hawkins...
  15. Dukerugger25

    Gunwerks g7 br2 rangefinder

    Selling a Gunwerks Gen 1 G7 BR2 rangefinder, which is an MOA model. Rangefinder is in excellent shape and has always been kept in the case except when in use. Comes with rangefinder and soft case. I am selling it because I want one rangefinder that I can use for bow and rifle hunting. Asking for...
  16. hrnhntr

    Gunweks 7mm

    I have a great condition Gunwerks RevX that shoots lights out. Only reason I’m selling is because I have a 6.5PRC being built, and a 300PRC after that. I was considering keeping it until I lost my job a week and a half ago. Atlas bipod is not for sale. 40 rounds down the tube and has been on...
  17. SublimeOutdoors

    Gunwerks G7 BR2

    Sold I'm looking to sale my Gunwerks G7 BR2 as I just ordered the Sig Kilo 2400abs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this unit, I'm just looking to get a smaller unit. This has been an amazing long range kit piece for me. I'll entertain all offers...
  18. MudMarine

    Gunwerks GRB Short Action, .308 Bolt Face, 30 MOA

    Gunwerks GRB short action with .308 bolt face and 30 MOA rail Asking $825 delivered to your FFL. I bought this a couple of months ago when Gunwerks made them available planning to do a nice build sometime in the future. Unfortunately some unanticipated bills have come in and I must let this...
  19. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Gunwerks Rifle

    Gunwerks LR1000, Helios, Carbonx, Mountainx, Magnus, with G7 Scope, case, Gunwerks Range finder Br2 ver 2. 6.5 cm, 6.5xc or 6.5 x284. Would consider 7mm Rem or 7mm lrm, with case. Please email specs and pictures to [email protected]
  20. S

    Anyone own a Gunwerks Revx?

    What do you think about the rifle ? How does it shoot? Did you load or own or buy Gunwerks ammo? Thanks