Gunwerks 7 LRM LR1000T (LH, Left Handed)


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Nov 12, 2016
I am selling my Gunwerks 7LRM LR1000T, titanium action (left handed). A GW Magnus stock was added in August of 2018, and Joe Ducos installed an adjustable cheek rest (KMW Loggerhead). The rifle was rebarrelled in July of 2019 with a 24” 8 twist proof carbon (+ GW’s directional muzzle brake). The barrel has 190 rounds down the tube. Bare rifle weighs 7lb 10oz. Sale will include a custom Whidden sizing die, set of Hornady dies and brass/ammo (190 1x GW brass, 129 4x GW brass, 38 GW loaded 180gr bergers).

Currently shooting a 180gr ELDM @ 2995fps with H1000, and will provide load data to buyer. Average group size is 0.5 MOA. I am selling the rifle because I switched over to a 300PRC this past year. Bipod not included. Price is $4700, to your FFL.

Would trade for a custom LH 6.5PRC - carbon barrel, similar build quality.