1. Justin Skaar

    Gunwerks G7BR2 -Ballistic Laser Rangerfinder 2000- $859.00

    Gunwerks G7BR2 Ballistic Laser Rangefinder. Second Generation Gunwerks Model- 2000 yards/ meters. Ballistic Dope Output to MILS + MOA! Gunwerks G7 BR2 Gen 2 Ballistic Rangefinder- Has both MRAD and MOA outputs Bought a couple years ago and took it on two successful hunts and shot out...
  2. S

    Gunwerks G7 Gen II Range Finder for sale

    Gunwerks G7 Gen II Range Finder for sale Perfect condition, used but taken care of and work perfectly. I have it listed for a heck of a deal on gunbroker. Listing here: https://www.gunbroker.com/item/889670860
  3. A

    SOLD/EXPIRED G7 BR2 LIKE NEW Gen 2 Gseven BR2 G7BR2 - all paperwork and case box

    This is the GEN 2 like new G7BR2 ballistic rangfinder. Perfect condition. Ranges beyond 2500 and ballistic solutions to 1400 in MIL, MOA or BDC. will ship $1150.00 Call or text Jesse @ 918-924-6790
  4. BLITZ818

    SOLD/EXPIRED Sig Kilo 1250 Camo Rangefinder

    The Sig Optics Kilo 1250 is accurate and quick. In HyperScan mode the Kilo can scan 4 times per second. It features AMR (angle modified range) for calculating the distance with an angle correction. The Kilo also has an intuitive user interface for ease of use. This rangefinder is the perfect...