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Feb 2, 2008
Star, ID
I have a Sako 75 in 7mm Mag. It shoots well at .75moa if I tune my loads just right, but I want a .5 moan gun to stretch my range. I am fine with the 7mm Mag, about as much recoil as I want.

I live in Boise, ID and want to know who you all recommend to put on a new barrel and tune the action. I like the factory stock and it has been bedded, so I won't likely change that now...but never say never.
Hi bkondeff,

I'm in the Boise area as well, and I just don't think there is anyone close by that can do what we want to a rifle. My understanding is that there was someone here in the valley that was very good, but has recently (just this summer, I think) retired and gone back to his homeland (Greece). I've called a few smith's in the area and they just do very basic work.

I sent Shawn (Defensive Edge) a message a couple weeks ago asking for the same thing you are asking. The only difference, however, is that my action is a 700 Remington, and the caliber is 300WM.

Shawn's reply was, "Your looking at 1150.00 to get it barreled with a Hart fluted barrel, squared, trued, lapped, and a muzzlebrake. Finish would be matte grey and chambered in 300 WM."

If/when I determine that my rifle won't/can't shoot 1/2" (also my goal), I'll likely be sending it up to Shawn to get some work done...either that or just throwing in the extra $$ and getting a complete rifle. I've not had him do any work, but I wouldn't mind keeping things in state and it does appear that he puts out some nice rifles and guarantees (on new rifles) 1/2" accuracy. And it looks like he is getting ridiculous accuracy out of his 338 Edge set-up. Check out his website if you haven't already.

Let me know what you end up doing...maybe I'lll learn/draft off of your experience.
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