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Oct 28, 2004
Bozeman, MT
This is the first time I have posted in this forum. I recently discovered this site somewhat by accident just a couple months ago. The purpose of this post is to thank, and personally recommend the very fine gunsmith whom I recently had build a rifle.
Kirby Allen, Allen Precision Shooting of Fort Shaw, MT has exhibited excellence in his craft and has been absolutely great to do business with. I was referred to Kirby by an individual nearly a year ago to do some smithing on a Model 70 .300 RUM; the work consisted of a trigger job, bedding job, and installation of a Kick Eez (sp?) recoil pad. The rifle (factory barrel and stock) shot far beyond my expectations printing sub MOA with hand loads.
The latest project idea was initially born in Balad, Iraq where I was stationed over the summer. Through a stream of e-mail communication we decided on the .257 STW. E-mail was the only form of communication and honestly for this particular venture I believe it was the best form of communication. I had numerous questions and Kirby was very quick to respond in a well educated and articulate manner. I'm sure he got sick and tired of seeing new e-mails from me every time he fired up his computer. I'm sure many of you have read his threads in this forum; Kirby goes by the nickname "Fiftydriver". His willingness to give a very thorough explanation is illustrated by this forum alone. If any of you are interested in having a custom rifle assembled I strongly urge you to consider Allen Precision Shooting. His turn-around time is unheard of in the gunsmithing field and his work is an exhibition of excellence. I have degrees in biochemistry and engineering and know all about attention to detail, his work is exemplary of someone who takes a great deal of pride in his work. There is a reason why "precision" is a part of his business name. What separates an off the shelf rifle from a custom rifle is the attention to detail, precise tooling, assembly, and time taken to create a mechanism devoid of flaws.
The .257 was built on a Remington 700 ADL action, HS Precision stock, and a 28" Lilja tube. This past weekend I killed a very nice battle scared antelope buck using this rifle and everything worked according to plan. I was interested in extending the range this season but fate resulted in the shot being taken at 100 yards. (I obviously applied a little too much of my bow hunting tactics to this hunt) I was able to develop a good Barnes TSX load in this rifle and the terminal performance was exactly as is to be expected from the X-bullet.
Impressive testimonial.....but, never heard of him.
Even though I have never met 50 face to face I sure would like to, and consider him a friend. We have corresponded through the years (phone, forums & by e-mail) and I wouldn't hesitate to have him build me a precision rig (specialty handgun of course). He not only a smith but a 1k competitor also.
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