Gun smith?

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    Jan 9, 2008
    looking for a gun smith, finding one on the internet could come back and haunt me, so im gettin a 25-06 made, need someone to put it all together. any recommendations? im not talkin bout a "one time i used this guy" story... i need, "i had 200 guns made, and this guy did 10 of them, they are the best i ever had" story...anyone?
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    Apr 5, 2008
    Pick one of the more popular one's on this site and go with it. They are all good, I personally use 308nate Straight Shot Gunsmithing. Reason he is 35miles away and a has become a close friend. He builds a 1/2moa rifle and does excellent work. Sorry he has only built me around ten rifles though not 200.

    Just to name a few:

    Shawn Carlock Defensive Edge
    Kirby Allen "Fiftydriver" Allen Magnums
    Jim See "coyboy" Center Shot rifles
    Kevin Cram Montour County rifles
    Nathan Dagley "308nate" Straight Shot Gunsmithing
    Chad Dixon "NesikaChad" Longriflesinc

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