gun cases for LRH rigs?

HH .338

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Dec 14, 2002
I'm looking for a case to hold my rig (32in barrel). I did a quick search on the net but couldn't find anything.
Kalispel Case Line makes a 62" long case thats made to hold a Barrett .50 cal. It works great for my 30" barreled Tomahawk..

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Most aftermarket case manufacturers build a long case.The problem is most don't make a wide case that will handle extra wide forends that are common on todays ultra long range rifles.The Stinger missile boxes available from Ponderosa Sports are both long and wide.They will also take add on wheels very well so you can roll them into your truck or too your bench.One word of caution is in order make sure they will fit inside your truck bed once you get the wheels on them.My truck has a short bed and the wheels had to be relocated.The price is right at around $250 and nobody makes a better box.
boyt has a nice case available from Sinclair International.Model is for Varmint rifles.
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