Great hunting experience in Texas.


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Sep 15, 2009
SW MT or noVA

Just wanted to share my experience with Pope Brothers Guide and Outfitting Services. They hunt about 20 different ranches for everything from african exotics, to trophy whitetail, antelope and sheep. I just got back today from a 4 day trip to hunt wild hogs with them. Their guide Macih is a great guy, i had a ton of fun hunting. It also priced really reasonably. The brush doesn't allow too many long distance shots, but depending where you set up, shooting 150-300yards is the norm. I shot 5hogs, a turkey, and a 26lb raccoon while i was there. The hogs were from 110-260 yards away. I will be going back in the spring next year to hunt for hogs and maybe an oryx.

On a side note, before i left i was debating with some guys and reading about what bullet to use for my hunt. I shot 178 grain a-maxs from my 308 winchester at the loadbook max load (people can load up to 2grains higher) of varget. Judging by drop at 200 and 300 yards i would say they were going about 2450 or 2500fps. They were amazingly accurate and performed very well on all the game i shot. The boars were all bang-flops and the raccoon was **** near ripped in half. The bullet expanded respectably and in my opinion, as long as it drops the game then and there, im happy. I don't care about retained weight or pretty expansion. Aslong as it drops the animal in a way i deem ethical, im happy. The A-maxs certainly did.

If your looking to book a hog hunt, definatly look hard at Pope Brothers, they're a little hard to get in touch with, but that's because they're completely focused on what's important, the hunt, not attracting customers. Give them a call, the email from their website isn't working at the moment.
If you book a hunt, tell them Oliver told you about them.

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I hope you were able to eat some of that hog meat. I hunted them some time ago and the marinaded backstraps were awesome!

Yeah we ate a ton of backstrap! It tastes amazing when it's marinated. None of the pigs I shot were too old so they were still good to eat, except one that took a a-max through the spine, that backstrap was nowhere to be found :p
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