GPSMap 60 with laptop usage


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Mar 7, 2012
I have an older Garmin GPSMap60. It's the black and white model, not the color. One of the early models. It does have USB connectivity though.

I recently purchased and downloaded the CA Plat maps for Google Earth, and am liking it so far. It already has answered one BIG question I had about BLM land and a HUGE water source the deer were using. I just found this software tonight, but TODAY was the last day for deer in this zone!!!

My question is, if I were on a road somewhere, is there a way to hook my GPS unit via USB to the laptop, to have it show my location?

IF it can do this, is it live, or do you just download saved points?

I am wondering about driving roads and being able to tell if it is public land around the road I happen to be driving on.

Does ANY GPS do this?

I cannot afford a new unit, so if not I am out of luck for that.