Good Flashlight/laser combo.

Please help me out, I am looking for a good reliable flashlight/laser combo to attach to my Ruger SR 556 with keymod.
I have read about the Streamlight Protac Mount HL-X Laser model, with 1000 lumens & Red Laser, but many
have said it is HUGE & heavy..... Surefire price is out of reach for me.
also, what does the community say about flashlights on long guns, dont they kind of make You
a target to the bad guys too??View attachment 584036
Inforce 800 lumen on Haley Strategic 45 degree mount. Get the light @ Battlehawk Armory
Or look at Streamlight-good stuff, way cheaper than Surefire and just as good IMHO
Have them email you the price, probably close to $100.



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Thank you for all of your excellent suggestions.....
I was at my Local Gun Store this past weekend & when I saw the Streamlight Protac HL-X with the laser in person, it was just too big & bulky.
The store did have a Protac Rail Mount HL-X with no laser ,& 1000 lumens for $169.00 but the store graciously price matched the Amazon at $119.00. So I could not pass it up. In the long run i dont think ill miss the laser at all.
I think I will mount it with a 45degree key mod-picrail mount.

I really liked this one, but its just not in the budget......maybe someday, lol

I really liked this one, but its just not in the budget......maybe someday, lol

It’s would be more than just the price of the DBAL. You’d need nods just to use 90% of the features and it’s still would be a less capable option than a NV capable rds or hollo in most cases.
Awaiting the 45degree key mod-pic rail mount from Amazon.....Key mod is tough to find on the shelves around here....
The light is extremely bright.....I think it will work out nicely for my needs & it didn't break the bank, the SL-B26 rechargeable battery
(sold separately) will be a good addition in the near future.

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