5.56 reload combo


Nov 26, 2013
Not offering a recipe, but if you are trying to locate bullets - I recently found Rocky Mountain Reloading - RMRBullets.com. If you are looking for plinking/paper punching, he's got a deal on Hornady 62g FMJs right now. I'm not affiliated with this company in any way other than I am a satisfied customer. I've bought 9mm and .224 projectiles from them over the past year and despite his warnings about shipping delays, I usually get my orders delivered in a week or so. Hope this helps.


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Apr 1, 2016
I use CFE223, AA2230, and W748 in that order. But I must say I reload solely for plinking. Have yet to try to reload for optimal accuracy. All I have are 55 and 62 FMJ's. I can reliably hit 12" plates at 300 yards though so that's IMO decent accuracy. Never measured a 300 yard group on steel just know I hit with boring regularity more often than I miss. My 100 yard groups have all been under 2" but the only factory ammo I have shot has been Wolf Gold, WW white box NATO, Herters, and Federal Eagle nothing really reloaded to match accuracy standards.

Darn you guys now I want to see how well I can shoot with my AR's. That all I need more load development.
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