Going Long-Range Hunting ... Finally


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Jun 8, 2001
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Just wanted to let the listies know that I am going to get a chance to do some long-range hunting next week.

A friend has secured a Cull Licence to take 40 deer off a large farm near Calgary.

This friend is not on the Long-Range Hunting forumn but he is a dedicated long-range hunter and 1000 yd benchrest competitor. His rifle of choice is a 30-378.

Unfortunately my .338 WM will not be ready so I am going to have to make do with the wife's Mod 70 in 30-06. As a result I am planning to limit shots to a maximum of 800 yds at first. If that goes well then 1000 yds may be within the capability of a 30-06 but I think that will be taxing the range of this cartridge to kill cleanly.

Hopefully we will get another such opportunity next year once the .338 has been worked out.

I will post results early next week. Well that is if there are any results to post. If I miss, I'm not gonna tell you guys about it.

Peter Cronhelm

You will have fun.

The 06 and the 270 is how longrange hunting began in the Pine creek area of PA right after WW2.

They made kills at 700 to 900 yards regularly.

Good luck.
Darryl Cassel
One of my coyote hunting partners is friends with the landowner and has been hunting on that farm for years.

This is not an organized event.

I am only getting to go because I begged and pleaded and whined.

Peter Cronhelm
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