getting the most out of your Bushnell 800's


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Dec 13, 2001
getting the most out of your Bushnell 800\'s

This is probably old hat to most of you but I discovered this trick by accident one day.
When checking actual trajectories one day I noticed that if I did'nt have a good target I could not get a good reading past about 600 yds with my bushnell 800. One day I noticed the 3" reflectors made for putting up in your driveway so you can see where to turn in the dark and wondered how they might work as a rangefinder reflector, at a 1.49 at the local Walmart, I would not be out much if it did not work.
They work like a champ!!! Just stick them in the dirt by your target and you can get instant readings to 999 yards or meters. This still will not help the fact that they leave a little to be desired while ranging game or using in the field but for knowing the distance to your target while practiceing it will increase the use of these lower priced rangefinders.
I hope to get a set of the russian rangefinders one day but untill then I have to look for shortcuts with what I have. 308
Re: getting the most out of your Bushnell 800\'s

I've used reflectors also. Any reflective material will work. I discovered this by accident also, I was ranging at my groundhog site and ranged my truck from far out in the field, the license plate did the trick.

I also use a GPS for ranging (pre-ranging) an area.
Re: getting the most out of your Bushnell 800\'s

Bushnell says that red objects are particularly reflective, you might want to try that.

I have used my 1000 so much that it "jingles" when I carry it, time to have it checked. The only way it will light up is to give it a good rap on the right side. Other than that it is accurate and has done the job on a lot of hunts.

Just got a Nikon 800, it is very quick and smaller to carry.
Re: getting the most out of your Bushnell 800\'s

I didn't mention it but the reflector I bought was red. Maybe that has something to do with how well it works. Great forum here, Only source of this type of info that I've found. Keep it up!!!!
Re: getting the most out of your Bushnell 800\'s

Thanks for the tip, anybody tried reflective tape? I have a few rolls in white and red to try at the range next time, let you know how it works too.

Another point too, just as it's getting light, or dark outside, within an hour or so, my YP1000 will range in excess of 1400yds easily and quickly too. If you get to your hunting area early you can quickly make a map to 1500yds, maybe more for later referance when the light reduces things to 600-800yds frequently. It WORKS, try it you'll be surprised.

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Re: getting the most out of your Bushnell 800\'s

Hello Brent

Yes, that procedure can work but again your back to the maps and hoping the animal will come out close to a referance point you have pre ranged especially if during the day your only limited to 600 or 800 yards.

A good spotter/hunting partner is needed regardless of the rangefinder or style you use.

The reflective tape will work but, again you have to put the reflective tape out there in the shooting area. This is fine if that's the only place you hunt and can put the tape out there before the season arrives.
The ranges we hunt and shoot in Colorado, no other laser will work effectively with or without tape, other then the Russian.

I prefer using the Russian Laser and have it ready to range the animal as soon as he is spotted. This way you know EXACTLY how far he is within about 5 seconds. This is an advantage over any other method I have ever used over the years.

If I didn't have this laser I would be forced to use the Barr and Stroud again because of the extended yardage and no other company has produced one that will do what the Russian will.

If a person can afford one, this powerfull unit is the best thing since sliced bread for the longrange hunter/shooter.

Darryl Cassel
Re: getting the most out of your Bushnell 800\'s

When I took a long range shooting course at the Badlands Tactical Training center the fellows taught us how to create range cards or drawings exactly like you have suggested. Since taking the course I use them anytime I am in a stationary position, only takes a couple of minutes to sketch the view and key objects, then laser them and note the distance (good way to while away some time when you are in a stand). After doing that I can put the laser away, just refer to the sketch. I carry a small notebook in my shirt pocket, also note sunrise, sunset times and other details that I would easily forget. After a while the book becomes a neat diary.
Re: getting the most out of your Bushnell 800\'s

Darryl do you have a layaway plan on the russian laser?..... Just kiddin, my wife is coming around to the idea and possibilities, next year possibly. I just hope one is around then.

I will be using the tape at the range ONLY, there's no way for me in the field to make it work. The maps I've made work great for under 800yds from my current hunting spot, like you said only if they pop up in the right spot. I would post a pic of the spot but can't right now.

The area consists of small clearings not varying much in range so the far side, near, left and right are noted in range for these. There is about 40% that must be ranged and can't be done with enough accuracy ahead of time, on top of that they are beyond 700yds, which with my LR rifle needs to be within 20yds MAX error.
Re: getting the most out of your Bushnell 800\'s

I had a friend who was in the road-sign business. He gave me a few light-weight 12"x18" plastic signs that had a white reflective, scotchguard face (no lettering). They were placed at a few highly productive but distant groundhog areas. Back at the truck & bench, I was able to easily get laser readings with my Bushnell 1000. After logging the distances, the signs were moved to different spots and eventually stored back in the truck. If the little red reflectors work as good as these signs then I'll be headed to the store for a box of them!
I also noticed that on overcast days the Bushnell would regularely give reliable readings in excess of 1000 yds when reflective targets were available.
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