G'day from down under


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Jul 13, 2015
G'day from Australia

Have been hunting and shooting for 30+ years and shoot rifle and pistol competitively.
Have done a bit of longer range hunting in the past using 25-06 and 7mmRem out to 500 or so on goats and pigs.
A change of location has meant a change in hunting and for the last 10 or so years my go to hunting rifles have been a 30/30 and 45/70.
The 30/30 has seen use on paper to 300, steel to 800 and even a few deer a bit past 200.
Still run a 220 swift for most of my longer range varminting currently a Rem VS, longest shot with it goes to my son with a ranged 668y on a rabbit.
Just added a 240wby to the line up as a bit of a dual purpose rifle.

Look forward to enjoying my time on here.