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FS: .50 cal Long Range custom black powder muzzleloader ultimate Johnston for sale $4,500 OBO


Apr 11, 2007
Ultimate Firearms custom remington 700 action black powder muzzleloader. Lightly used Black widow Cerakoted barrel muzzloader with Leupold Mark 4 (4.5x14 SP, UT) with custom turrets made for gun, Murphy titanium rail, Murphy titanium rings, muzzle brake used on one hunt and I don't need it anymore sitting in my safe. Has some scuffs on stock otherwise barely broken in. I shot 3" groups easy at 200 yards. But will shoot well past that with load work and new options.

This is NOT the Remington made ultimate. This is much more custom. The original.

Asking $4,500.00 OBO shipped in gun case to your FFL (has to be FFL because of the Remington 700 receiver)

I paid $6,000.00+ for the complete package.
Includes everything but powder pellets as they are tough to ship.

Long Range Muzzleloader
The Johnston Muzzleloader (BP Xpress) is second to none in accuracy and long range capability. It is the only muzzleloading rifle on the market that can be fired and burn 200 grains of Pyrodex Pellets (four 50 grain pellets). The rifle will fire a 300 grain bullet at speeds approaching 2400 feet per second (fps).

Accurate Custom Muzzleloader - Accuracy is Everything!
In the hands of a capable marksman, the Johnston Muzzleloader has fired 5 shot groups of one half inch at 100 yards and 3.75" at 500 yards. This rifle has been used with great success on big game from brown bears in the Yukon and Alaska to cape buffalo on the plains of South Africa. Check out our detailed muzzleloader ballistics page containing data from our recommended, Fury Bullet. The Johnston Muzzleloader truly is a GAME CHANGER!

Reduced Recoil with Muzzle Brake! ...a Game Breaker!
Our new muzzle brake is available as an optional accessory for the Johnston Muzzleloader. This significantly reduces recoil. An existing barrel can be adapted to fit this muzzle brake, or you can buy one of our muzzleloaders with it pre-installed. It removes easily with an allen wrench through a couple of the holes and a few turns. Cleaning is done with Butch's Bore Shine. Just soak for a few minutes and wipe.

Safe and Reliable Magnum Muzzleloader
The Johnston Muzzleloader has been subjected to just over 125,000 psi breech pressures. That amount would cause failure in most any other muzzleloader. The rifle has a lugged, locking bolt with two blow by ports to prevent any primer blowback. Due to the patented ignition system, there are no gases expelled through the breech plug. This is truly a high performance muzzleloader!

Ultimate Muzzleloader.jpg Ultimate Muzzleloader1.JPG Ultimate Muzzleloader2.JPG Ultimate Muzzleloader3.JPG
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