1. AFmaryland

    SOLD/EXPIRED CVA Accura V2 .50 cal with Vortex red dot & fiber optic sights

    CVA Accura V2 .50 cal $300 shipped or local pick up in Maryland area. Comes with: Pic rail vortex red dot ($50) fiber optic sights bullet starter nitride Blackhorn 209 quick release breech plug ambi action lever (removable) break action fluted bergara barrel Has been very well cared for...

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 50cal LSS ultimate Grey

    Remington 700 ultimate 50cal muzzleloader LSS Grey 26" barrel Amazing muzzleloader! Talk about power:) very lightly used. Sighted in and taken on one out of state trip. Marks seen are from table while sighting it in. $850
  3. Andrew Kopman

    CVA Accura V2 50 Caliber Muzzleloader

    I have a good used muzzleloader, 50 Caliber CVA Accura V2 with Bergara barrel, it started life as a northwest version muzzleloader, then I purchased a 209 primer breech plug for pellet style powder for it. Now I have 4 breech plugs for it, one is brand new in packaging, it's for 209 powder and...
  4. A

    Nightforce Fixed 1-Power Scope

    Looking for this scope for my muzzleloader. Have a SD tag but they require iron sights or non magnified scopes. Please let me know if you have one available for sale, thank you.
  5. M

    Muzzlebrake on muzzleloader?

    Hey y’all, I recently acquired a Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader, and after a bit of range time am pretty satisfied overall with it. However, at max charge with 4 pellets of 777, my shoulder is less than satisfied to say the least. I took it to my gunsmith and he was a little apprehensive about...
  6. F

    FS: .50 cal Long Range custom black powder muzzleloader ultimate Johnston for sale $4,500 OBO

    Ultimate Firearms custom remington 700 action black powder muzzleloader. Lightly used Black widow Cerakoted barrel muzzloader with Leupold Mark 4 (4.5x14 SP, UT) with custom turrets made for gun, Murphy titanium rail, Murphy titanium rings, muzzle brake used on one hunt and I don't need it...
  7. C

    Savage 10ml2 muzzleloader

    10ml2 Muzzleloader 50 caliber stainless steel Camo synthetic stock Excellent condition They don’t make this anymore and hard to find one this nice Extra breech plug and vent liners Weaver scope bases Williams fiber optic sights and accutrigger Only shot with smokeless powder Dnz game reaper...
  8. C

    Savage 10 ML2 Muzzleloader Nib

    New in box Savage 10 ML2 Muzzleloader. 50 caliber stainless steel laminate stock. Not a mark on it. This has the newer 3/8” hex head breech plug. All factory accessories in unopened bag. 950.00 484-614-1087 Mark
  9. C

    knight Disc Extreme Muzzleloader

    New in the box Knight Disc Extreme 50 caliber stainless camo stock muzzleloader. Includes factory Manuel DVD and factory accessory kit. This gun was made before Knight closed and reopened. These earlier guns are amazing quality with excellent Timney style triggers. Also I have about 90.00 worth...
  10. J

    BP Xpress .50 cal Muzzleloader w/ leupold Mark 4 scope *price drop*

    For Sale *Price Drop* $2500 OBO The gun was built in 2013, it's in a McMillian thumbhole stock, plain stainless rem 700 action with a fluted bolt, stainless fluted barrel with muzzle break and a Leupold Mark 4 4-14x40 scope with turrets marked for the drop out to 500yds. Will come with...
  11. J

    Anyone have experience with the McWhorter 45 XML

    hi all, I've been looking at getting a 45 xml and was curious if anyone has had any experience with them. I've talked with Allan at McWhorther and everything seems like it is a wonderful gun and should beat what I have now especially with being able to shoot BH209. Allen says they are getting...
  12. M

    Muzzleloader Pass Through Bullets and SD

    I've struggled for years to find a bullet that would give pass through performance on elk at 200 meters. I tried Barnes, Shockwaves, FBPs, Precision Rifle 400gr. QTs, and was not happy with any. Pointed bullets slip through the skin and seal the hole behind them, and there is no exit hole...
  13. M

    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom long range Muzzleloader

    I am looking to buy a long(er) range muzzle loader. Something like a BP xpress, Gunwerks or The Best of the West muzzleloader. It must shoot black powder or a black powder substitute--smokeless powder is not allowed in Utah for the muzzleloader. Please let me know if you have one you are...