knight Disc Extreme Muzzleloader


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Oct 30, 2012
0A0B12E0-F760-4EA1-94CE-418860BB1EE6.jpeg A3869CBA-4AFA-44E8-B32D-F6FB064D6EC0.jpeg 9F2E49CD-B770-4E5C-AB4E-59E51CA2AA4B.jpeg 9425236A-EEAE-4DA1-AEAA-EB45CA919F80.jpeg 3C331250-8962-430C-9630-330477B3916A.jpeg 9B431AF0-EA2E-4D65-9DE0-2C2B98DCA372.jpeg A627074E-6DDC-42CD-BD63-BF3073539532.jpeg New in the box Knight Disc Extreme 50 caliber stainless camo stock muzzleloader. Includes factory Manuel DVD and factory accessory kit. This gun was made before Knight closed and reopened. These earlier guns are amazing quality with excellent Timney style triggers. Also I have about 90.00 worth of extras if someone is interested in a package deal. Will sell gun Alone. This gun sells new from Knight for over 700.00. Asking 475.00 for the gun alone plus shipping! Thank you.
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