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May 8, 2016
Ever see those posts that are basically "Hey, I just bought this thing so now I want to know if it's any good or not."?

I personally find those sorts of posts to be extremely disheartening. It seems to say that the person asking feels so bad about their own decision making skills that they need post hoc third party reassurance that they're not as dumb as they themselves think they are. How sad. So what am I wasting time talking about?

A few weeks ago I saw on Farcebook a cute little blatant Chinese made copy of a Law Tactical folding stock adapter. I know the Law Tactical unit to be almost ridiculously good and the copy was only 50 bucks so I wanted to see how bad bad could get. Then I thought, "How many goobs have bought folding stock adapters blindly hoping for a good one only to be disappointed?" Then I thought, "I wonder if there are any sources of useful information about FSA's." So I went looking because why rely on my fairly extensive experience with them? Let's see what other people who are being paid to say good things about them, have to say about them. I'll bet it's good things.

So, given that there aren't any real good wring-outs of FSA's and the few comparos of any sort that exist seem really to focus on gas guns and ignore the proliferation of bolt guns that are now using AR-15 style buffer tubes to mount their stocks on, I shall take the slings and arrows upon mine own self.

So with that in mind, I'm going to evaluate all of them. I'm purchasing every one I can find from my own wallet (so the results I publish will be unbiased and unvarnished) and will be borrowing what I can from buddies and anyone else I can get to loan a unit to me knowing the very real possibility that I'll break it. I'll be comparing them against the geniune Law Tactical unit which to me is the best of the units meant for use on gas guns. Why compare to a gas gun unit when we're more interested in bolt guns? Simple, gas gun units have to have a big hole in the middle for the buffer of an AR to operate in. When applied to a bolt gun you don't need that hole which means that there's more area for rigid lockup systems to be implemented or to do other things with. A FSA specific to a bolt gun has the distinct (in my eyes) advantage of being purpose designed and not being saddled with archaic or non-functional features. So I'm going to compare the best of the non-purpose-designed options to the rest.

First thing first, the Law Tactical clone from Farcebook (pics below).

Unit cost $53 plus shipping and arrived in about 5 weeks shipped from New York with Chinese writing on the label and on the Paypal invoice. They are fraudulently listing "Clothing" as the category of stuff they sell so we also know that honesty isn't in their lexicon. It was an obvious reship from China to New York and from New York to California. I'll just assume that they got a container full of them.

I installed this on my Deadpool rifle which is a Savage 10 action with an aftermarket 6XC pipe in an MDT LSS chassis. Fix the chassis on one side and the XLR Industries Tactical butt stock to the other. It did not come with either instructions or the tool to tighten down the chassis side thread insert like Law Tactical provides so I had to use Youtube, a hammer and a screwdriver.

Once installed and set in the closed postion, I opened it and then tried to close it gently and it did not want to close. I pushed the button and it closed. I opened it again and tried to snap it closed and it wouldn't close, tried again and again and then broke the tip off of the locking hasp. Pot metal garbage. I left it on to go teach a student how to properly get behind a rifle and a thought hit me. I can use this to teach him about "the pocket". Turns out a broken FSA makes a good way to teach about recoil forces being kept inline to the shooter's spine.

Pictured is the FSA as advertised, the part that broke and the bolt gun being used for testing. I also will be testing anything that can work on a gas gun on my M4 profile AR-15. This unit did not survive on a bolt gun long enough to test on a gas gun.

I've ordered the XLR Industries folding stock adapter and the UTG unit already and in 10 days (hey, dude's gotta get paid first) I'll order the MDT unit and the Sylvan unit (no Christmas this year since the kids moved away so present money is folding stock adapter money).

Units that I'll be testing:
Law Tactical - Baseline. As good as a gas gun unit gets.
XLR: Ordered 10/31, Arrived 11/5. 18.5/20.
Doublestar: Not yet ordered.
Leapers/UTG: Ordered 10/31, Arrived 11/9. Punches way above its price.
MDT: Ordered 11/10.
SB Tactical: Not yet ordered.
Sylvan Arms: Not yet ordered.
Facebook/Amazon/Ebay: Received 10/24/2020 - Garbage. Broke immediately after installation.
Hera Arms: Ordered 11/15.

If you know of others, please let me know.


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The XLR industries unit came in. It's aluminum but not the kind they use in China I guess. It arrived literally 15 minutes before I was to leave for the range to do a zero check for an upcoming match. Installation was so trivially easy that I was able to remove the Farcebook unit and install the XLR unit and still leave with time to spare. This isn't a full review as I've not had too much time to play with it.

It's a very cleverly designed unit that is not compatible with AR-15 platform rifles. It is basically specifically for bolt guns and is quite nice on a bolt gun. There's a TINY bit of wiggle in it when closed when you're just handling it. Enough to hear anyway. The lock is easy enough to disengage when done deliberately but also not set up so that you'll open it accidentally.

When I got to the range I had no trouble knocking down a quick zero check and a .35" 3-shot group from the bench and any wiggle it might have had while just handling the rifle was not evident from behind the gun. There's no infringement of the space behind the grip so you can still hold the rifle with a full high grip without bumping the adapter or even worrying about it driving the thing into the back of your hand as the rifle moves forward again from heavy recoil.

I have a match in a little over a week and I'll not be being gentle on it. We'll see how it handles the moon dust at the match venue.

m0aR pics and crud to come. The UTG unit is supposed to be here today. This weekend I'll spend some more range time tinkering if I can.


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In the past couple days I've been bashing the rifle around my back yard training for an upcoming match. I've snapped the XLR FSA open and closed repeatedly and hard and it doesn't seem to be affected.

The only negatives I can see is: No matter how tight I set the detent screw it didn't really affect the detent's depth so much as the overall amount of drag in opening or closing. Getting it super tight gave me a night controlled open and close with no slamming. So, they might consider using a bigger detent ball and a stronger detent spring so they're not relying on drag. Either that or ship the units with 2 neodymium magnets and we can put one on the stock and one on the chassis with a little epoxy which I'll end up doing anyway.
The UTG unit came in and surprised the hell out of me. I mean, if you're ok with the odd blood blister and a few other little annoyances, it's actually totally viable for a lot of long range hunting types. This is preliminary yet but I tried to break it and outside of employing a hammer or serious leverage, it was not going to break.
So far (order below not sorted) without including the displacement test:
Law Tactical - 19/20
FB/China Scamo - 2.4/20
XLR - 18.5/20
UTG - 10.5/20
Nice review. I have the XLR and the new version is great. The original is not my favorite though, and I’ve been looking at options to replace it. From your comments, I may just get the new version
Nice review. I have the XLR and the new version is great. The original is not my favorite though, and I’ve been looking at options to replace it. From your comments, I may just get the new version

Thanks much!

I'm becoming a fan of the XLR unit. It's pretty brilliant. In fact, right now it's at the top of the list for what I'll put on all my rifles.
Found the Hera Arms unit made in Germany and added that. It's one of the more affordable options so it's on the way now.
The Hera Arms unit looks just like my XLR Gen 1 FSA. I don't like it as well as the current XLR adapters.
The Gen 1 is smaller, but when folded it allows the buttstock to hit the chassis/receiver. It doesn't swing away as far.

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