Flutted barrels, Good or Bad choice???


Sep 25, 2009
Heard a lot of things abt flutted barrels, but I would like to ask people who have really used it, like someone who owns a flutted barrel rifle, cause shooting it once or twice will not make any difference,only people who have owned a fluted barrel rifle will know the pros and cons of fluting, please advise as I am planning on getting a rifle, one thing they sure look good.:cool:
- Less weight!
- Stiffer than a smaller contour unfluted barrel of the same weight.
- Looks (if you like the fluted look / care)
- Possibly a negligible improvement in barrel cooling due to increased surface area.

- Less weight! (weight has its advantages)
- A fluted barrel will not be as "stiff" as a an unfluted barrel of the same contour (though the difference is pretty negligible)
- Adds roughly $100 to the cost of your barrel

If you want a lighter rifle (or you think it is worth it just for the looks), and have enough cash so that you won't be skimping on other things, go for it!
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