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Dec 9, 2020
Social Circle, GA
We just got our first snowfall this winter. Social Circle. GA. 10:15AM Originally it was supposed to be just a hair Noth of us, but now looks like it will snow until 9PM tonight.
I know that up in the northern states it may not be a big deal. It is nice to see the white stuff once in a while. Not sticking to the roads because it's 33 and been raining since last night.
If we get any accumulation, I'll post pictures with Samson in the snow!

Edit 3:40PM Still snowing. Just need it to go down to about 30 (it's 33 now) for it to stick and stay around for a while. Would love to hunt coyotes tomorrow in the snow.
Nothern GA is already shut down for school and business. A little more drop in temp and Atlanta will be shut down.

Edit 8:22 PM
Snow stopped 34 degrees out but will get cold early morning. Most business late opening.
Another snow fall is coming on Friday 1/21 and going down to 21. hopefully will get to use my snow camo suit for Yotes. Going to put another Two person stand up & fill up the ground feeders the next few days for hunting hogs at night. Maybe get one for eating and several for Yote bait.


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We’ve got a little ‘weather’ pushing through here tonight as well. Freezing rain fell before the snow, though……AND as a result I’m sure I’ll be working wrecks on the Interstate tomorrow all morning. 🤮
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Yep I saw the weather maps for TN and KY. You are getting some bad weather. Hopefully people will drive safe!