First rifle : H-S Precision Pro Series M24 ??

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Dec 12, 2009
West Tennessee
Just commissioned my first Long Range Hunting Rifle on a Savage short action.
I like the appearrance of the H-S Precision M24, but have no way of handling one before I purchase a stock.
Anyone have strong opinions either way on this stock??
Is the butt of this pistol grip relatively small?? can't tell from the side photos...
I prefer a smaller grip with a palm swell,, just wonder how comfortable the hand position is on this stock...
Color preference is the sand or green.
thanks for your advice.
great forum for learning about LRH lightbulb
The only stocks that H-S Precision makes for a Savage that I'm aware of is the PST101/PST114. This is not the M24 type if you are referring to the U.S. Army sniper rifle. It is the same type of stock that comes on the factory Savage 10 with H-S stock.

For a bit over $400, you are well on your way to a Manners/McMillan, I'd go with either of those personally.

Maybe somebody else in here knows something that I don't. Hope this helps.
yep, that would be the stock , H-S calls it the Pro Series M24 for the 10FP.
Also condsidering the Stockade tactical.
The McMillan tactical grip is too bulky for my taste.
Might go with a wood laminate stock so that I can sand the grip countours to my hand fit.
Never heard of the Manners stock till your post. Very nice, just pricey.
thanks lightbulb
the stocks by Sharp Shooter Supply, especially the Sporter and LVT look interesting.
anyone have any experience with them?

Yes...I've had experience with Sharp Shooter Supply and I would NEVER do business with them again! Their customer service is the absolute WORST I have ever experienced.
Thans for your input.
I've searched the archives and the feedback on them seems to be from one extreme to the other end of the spectrum.
Many have nothing but good to say about the stocks and their owner.
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