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Aug 29, 2003
I'll jump right in here and ask my first questions if that's ok with you guys. I have a 7mm-08 sitting around here at home and I never shoot it anymore. Lately I've been hunting with my 458 Lott for closer stuff and my 260 rem for stuff out further away. I don't have a rifle that can really reach out and "touch" something (not by LRH standards anyways)and I'm asking myself if I can use this action to build a 300 WSM rifle with long range potential. Can this action be used to build a 300 WSM rifle? I would probably go single feed and seat the bullets out far. Does anyone have any feedback on a 300 WSM set up using bullets with high BC's? This long range thing is new and I'm willing to learn. 1000 yards is my goal. I would like to shoot paper with this set up but also LRH for deer, bear (blackies), elk and moose, once i'm proficient at longer ranges, if this rig can do it.

I look forward to tapping the wealth of knowlage that exists here on this forum. I've heard people bash long range hunting and say that it's unethical to do so. I've heard the same people say it is "overkill" to shoot deer with a 458 lott. Dead is dead in my eyes and what other people think doesn't bother me. I hunt how I hunt and I'm glad people here understand the wish to go way out there. Hunters need to stick together, not bash eachother and question the way other people hunt.

First off,welcome to LRH........
....A few problems I see with using the 7-08 action would be....#1 a large amount would have to be taken out of the bolt face of the action to allow it to be used with the wsm case,and I'm not sure if there is enough meat there to be safe when it was done....If it can even be done...And #2....If the gun would be single shot gun...The bolt would have to be removed on an unfired round to get it out......I shoot 2 300 wsm Long range guns...The bullet I use in both is the 210gr JLK...The wsm case is very capable of doing the deed in excess of 1000 yards...Hope this helped some...
Got a good buddy that had Greg Tannel at Gre-Tan Rifles in Kersey, CO rework the larger bolt face XP to 7.82 Patriot, which i believe is larger than the WSM case. You might give him a call (you'll have to consult directory information-- i don't have his # offhand).

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If you open the bolt up to a magnum size and have a sako style extractor installed you won't have a problem. Like Boyd said, you'll have to pull the bolt to eject a loaded round if they're seated long. I'm in the middle of a 300 WSM project built on a Savage short action. Started out as a 223, bought a WSM bolt head from SharpShooter and had 308 takeoff barrel rechambered to 300 WSM.
Good luck with your project, keep us posted.
I have a 300 WSM rifle built on a 700 Rem. short action that is very competitive in F class matches to 1K. The conversion can be done and done safely and with excellent results. I have several wins with this rifle an have never finished lower than third. (Far more of a statement for the rifle than my ability) The rifle has very near 1400 rounds on it without a hint of a problem.

BUT if I had it to do over I would use an action with the proper bolt face to begin with. A lot of work is required to modify the bolt face, exactor and the bottom metal and detachable box magazine from H.S. Precision added considerable cost to the rifle that could have been spent for items that are necessary to make it a good long range setup.

Listen to Boyd and the rest of the crew they know of what they speak! Now it is off I go to the 1K match in Tullahoma, TN. tomorrow. Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone. Hold hard and good luck to all of you!

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pardon the intrusion... boyd, what velocity are you getting w/ those heavy bullets? i just got done putting together some 180's, and i leaned a little on the loud pedal... we'll see how they shoot...
MacDaddy, welcome. For me, I would suggest selling the Rem SA in 7-08. There are lots of BR people looking for this action and will pay a fair dollar for it.

You can then buy a short or reg. action in a magnum bolt face and save yourself a lot of trouble and additional costs. In fact, I would get a savage in the cheapest model available in a 300 WSM. Get a better stock, tune or replace the trigger, spin on a barrel to suit or use whats there to start.

You now have a rifle that is potentially very accurate, will feed the WSM case and can be used single shot too.

The costs of reworking something these days is getting too high to be worth it. Get something off the rack that works and tune to suit. It will be cheaper in the long run.

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