First long range hunting rig/build!

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    Jan 31, 2010
    I finally stopped kidding myself and realized i wanted to do it right and start a build. I am beyond interested in long range shooting and hunting. Where i hunt i have had shot opportunities out too 800 yards but never had the equipment or practice. I bought a Vortex Viper for my incredibly accurate 243. win remington model 700 and a PST for my accurate 300. wsm browning a-bolt. But i know its no true long range killer, maybe paper puncher but no killer unless i can make sure shots hit there mark.

    I have a Remington 700 BDL 7mm rem mag which would make the perfect doner action and i have been thinking for sometime now what to do with it. I was thinking something along the lines of a Macmillan HTG or A-5 stock in either gap camo or Black/grey/lightgrey or white marble, a kreiger 26" #5 contour barrel, either fine tune the factory trigger or a jewel trigger, bed and true the action. Thats what i have gotten so far.

    This rifle will be used for Whitetail out too about 600 yards max (longest my hunting scenarios allow) and about 800 yards max on Moose (longest this hunting scenario allows) but with most shots withing 600 here too. i would much prefer the caliber to have over the counter factory ammo in case of anything or be one i already have the stuff for. I could keep it as a 7mm rem mag (little on the light side), 300 wsm in a long action throated for 190-210 VLD's (i know the win mag is easier but love this caliber), or the 300. win mag.

    I know calibers like the 300. RUM and any 338 is much preferred for game of my size at that range but i know each caliber i mentioned will do it. What is your thoughts?

    Comments would be appreciated about calibers and preferences. Which one naturally preform the best. Heard stuff on wsm calibers being the ever slightest more accurate, dont know if thats true. I know the 300. win mag is naturallly pretty accurate.

    This would be the first build, i dont know anything. So suggestions on the build itself would be much much appreciated! I know slim to none excited what i have read for the past year and a half. please help?