First custom build in .338 Lapua, opinions appreciated


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Feb 26, 2011
Tempe AZ
I'm looking at putting together my first custom build in .338 lapua. This will primarily be a hunting rig for long range use (obviously). I currently own a Savage LRH in 7mm Rem Mag with a nightforce NSX and a Remington 5R .308 topped with a Sightron SIII.

Since this will be my first "custom build" I hope to have parts and gunsmith work done with in 18-20 months. Since this is a hunting rig in which I will carry in my Eberlestock I am wanting to keep size and weight at a minimum!!! Here is what I'm considering and would appreciate and opinions and/or recommendations!! Also I do reload.

Remington 700 action
McMillan A-3 tactical stock
Timney trigger
Christiansen 26" carbon wrapped barrel w/brake
Nightforce 5.5-22 NXS, nightforce base/rings
Harris bipod

Any other recommendations? Opinions? Caliber? Etc
I would advise staying away from the 700 action for a 338 lapua build. I don't like the bolt diameter for that caliber.
if your looking at carbon wrapped barrels I'd suggest calling Chris at benchmark .

If you want a repeater I would suggest the following
338 norma mag
300 norma mag
the 338 lapua is better suited for a single shot where seating depth is not as critical.

338 Lapua is a great cartridge for use in multi round mags. attached is a pic I recently took.

stock factory rifle and affordable scope.

I do not feel I would have the ability to shoot any better, even with a custom build.

problem with the Lapua is it has a very large cartridge base.

If I were going totally custom, would likely start with a Surgeon action. Would even consider a weather by action.


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No but as I understand it the process/technology they use to wrap their barrels causes them to cook the barrel instead of shedding heat. I have had great results with Proof.
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