First coyote


Oct 8, 2012
I live on a farm and I was watching some geese in a cut soy bean field and all the geese started to part and fly away so I sat and watched and then I see why, ol' willie was making his rounds checking for gimpies. I figured his was about 700yrds away so I set up the shooting sticks and grabbed the rifle, a 300 ultra with a haskemaw scope and break on the end. I got him in the cross hairs and sent a pill his way, a 180gr accubond pushed by 96grs of rutombo. I didn't even see where the first bullet landed so I dialed in the scope for 800yrds and squeezed the trigger this one got his attention it landed right below him and he started to take off but slow to a trot and I barked at him but he kept moving so I barked louder and he looked right at me, I had the cross hairs right above his head and I sent another and put him down. I walked out there and can't find him yet but I found blood and some goofy marks so I will go looking again after awhile. Now I am guessing the gods were helping me with this and the only way I got 3 shots off was because I was stirring up the hundreds of geese sitting in this field and maybe he thought snagging one of those was a better idea then just kicking rocks. This is my first ever coyote and will post some pictures as soon as/if I find him.:)