First AR for coyote and target


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Sep 2, 2012
Hi guys, looking to buy my first AR. I want something for coyote hunting and also for target shooting that is reliable and accurate. My range will be from around 100-300 max yards. I want a reliable well built unit. My choices so far/ Rock River Predator Pursuit or the ATH Carbine and the Daniel Defense Ambush or the M4V5 models. Can any one with knowledge please help.
You would have a hard time going wrong with thar RR Predator. I had that very model for several years. It was hyper accurate, as in .25 or smaller groups. I killed a pile of coyotes with it. It also had a fantastic two-stage national match grade trigger. It is a very good rifle!
I personally love the DPMS sweet 16. Another coyote down Saturday night and it shoots lights out with cheap american eagle 50gr varmint tips. Mutt was a 1 shot DRT... And this is the norm with this bullet. i would never dream of selling it. Posting a couple of pics... But 1 will be in another post below because I'm on my iPad.

I am a firm believer in AR's for coyotes. I have used an Olympic Arms K8, 22" Remington R15, and a 16" Bushmaster carbine. They have all been reliable and accurate. My opinion is that unless you are looking to stretch your range really far, you may appreciate a shorter and lighter barrel. The longer and heavier barrels are great for higher velocity and accuracy, But, a free floated 16" barrel can be very accurate as well while saving a lot of weight and length.

I think that covering a lot of ground is critical to coyote hunting success and saving weight helps you do that and net more dogs. I have come to prefer my 16" bushmaster with a free floated govt profile barrel for general predator use. This setup has proven accurate and powerful in my experience. I have shot the RRA ATH and predator pursuit: I think both are great setups, just a little on the heavy side for my taste. I have no experience with Daniel defense but they have an excellent reputation.

My ideal 300 yard coyote AR would be a free floated 16" barrel of a medium profile with a good trigger on it and a quality scope in the 3-9x range. Handy, Light, Accurate, and fast.
I think dstark is right on. Even a "light" AR isn't super light. Of the three AR's I have used, the 20" light barrel version is my favorite for calling. All of mine are in .204 using 35 grain Bergers.
I like the RR`s. I bought my first one with a heavy target configuration and when I got done changing it it`s a the coyote special, could have saved some big bucks buying one to start with. I bought 2,000 bulk bullets for hunting and when I started to work up a load I shot a .690 group at 100 yards. from a card table. Since this is an off hand rifle for me I never did any work up, I just started loading. I have friends that have DPMS`s and like them as much as I like my RR`s. If someone tells you that you can`t see the front sight through a scope, they are crazy, keep the top clean all the way. I would recommend you get a match trigger too. I would also recommend you top it with a Leupold 3 x 9 or 3 1/2 x 10 scope. Mil. dots help if you know how to use them.
Waiting on my Bushmaster stainless predator AR to come in. 24" heavy barrel. I have heard very good things about these. I guess I will know for sure how it shoots soon enough.
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