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Oct 5, 2013
North Dakota
I have lots of once fired Factory (HSM Berger) and some reloads from new brass. All fired in the gun I am loading for. Can I assume once fired will be enough to completely fire form or do I need to shot it at least a time or two more?

I am after measurements for head spacing and wondered if the once fired are good enough to use.

plan to use a bushing "S" die to bump the shoulder and bushing size the neck (with the expander ball removed???). Make sense???


Your once fired brass will be fine. In a bigger case like the 7stw I really don't worry about brass as long as it is not partly formed from another caliber, like necking 375h@h down. I'll fireform them before I worry about loading for groups. I've got a couple of hundred of my hunting load in virgin brass. They shoot as well as the casings that were fired and partial fl sized for my rifle.

If you are bushing sizing the neck and not using an expander ball set your bushing so the neck is .282" id... Depending on your brass thickness it could be a couple of bushings so get a few bushings in the range that'll work.
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