Finished My New Rifle 338 Edge

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Tom Driskill, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Tom Driskill

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    Aug 9, 2018
    It started last year when we when to the desert and I got the bug to build a bigger gun on a small budget. I bought a new SS receiver and a 30” Bartlein 5R heavy straight taper barrel and a JP tank brake. I took them over to my friends shop for assembly. Rich did a perfect smith job and a friend threw in a new Vortex Razor HD on top of my custom SS 50 moa rail which gives me 112 moa come up and 35 moa hold over for a range of 2200 yrds. I’m shooting 245 gr Lehigh solid brass bullets at an easy 3,045 fps. I know i could probably get 3,200 fps, but don’t wanna ruin a good thing. I put a Timiney trigger on it with an 8oz pull and just got a new chassis for it which improved my groups me and I won 1st place in magnum class 600 yrd night shoot with all 20 rnds in the 10 ring with 12 X’s. I know it’s only 600 yrds but it’s still 1/2 moa +/- a few flyers. I really gotta work on my loads now. I think I can get them all in the 1/2 moa X-ring at a 1,000 yrds at the next match in a couple weeks if I shoot really good (it’s a goal anyway).
    Sorry, don’t mean to be so long winded, but I gotta tell you I’m grinning ear to ear with this one.
    Does this mean I can take Game at 1000 yards? Is it fair?