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Apr 18, 2012
new member here name is Al i am from the thumb area of MI i build low cost custom rifles i like to work mostly with savage actions just put myself together a 338 edge with a 32 in full bull 1in9 barrel on a 110 acu triger action of corse i fine tuned the triger too. have not got alot of triger time on it yet got about 40 rds down the tube and she is broke in nice worked up some 250 nos ab with win 780 was getting 3225 ave with just over 1.5 in groups @ 200yds backed the load down and now i get 3075 av with .5 groups @ 200 need to find a longer range to shoot at
Welcome to the site, glad to have another savage person here. You gotta love how easy they are to work with.

You'll find alot of enjoyable reading here, or at least I have. There's also alot of really helpfull people on here too.

yes they are vary easy to work with and i like the flotting bolt usily dont have to do much with the action if any thing at all i have 3 savage rifles 22-250,300win mag, with a mcgowen barrel and the 338 edge with mcgowen barrel all shoot way beter than i can but i hold my own the 22-250 came out of the box with the altiment varmint stk and would shoot 1 raged hole at 100 with 50 bst off the shelf most every reload i have put down range dose the same the 300 and the edge are right up there too
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