338 Edge shooter, Oregon


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Apr 4, 2009
South central, Oregon
Hi there fellow long range shooters. I'm new to this thread postin' stuff , so if I do sumpthin' wrong just hit me would ya?!!? Been readin' on Long Range Hunting for a while and like what I see. Lots of fine folks helpin' eachother out and talkin' bout guns n stuff. My kinda place.
Yes sir. Finished it mid January, already have 639 shots through it. You shoot 338?

"Heed the man who ownes only one gun, he likely knows how to use it."
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Yes Sir, figured it was the Handgun issue but learned long ago that "THEY" could also be a "WHO".

I read your article about the 1,500 yd. prairie dog. That's AWESOME. I've shot ground squirels @ 975 and rock chucks out to 1,100 but their a tad bigger than a squeek. I also launch a heavier 300 gr. bullet that bucks the wind a little better @ distance so thats quite an acomplishment.
I live on the west-middle of the Cascade Range, and I shoot in canyons, no flat ground around, so reading the wind is tricky to say the least, it's always shifting, or swirling, or gusting, so every shot is doped after the last one in the string.
Lately, I've changed from shooting my 18"-10"-6" gongs from 900 to 1,500 yds. to shooting clay pigeons @ 1,000 yds.
Last week I shot 11 out of 12, in a row. Wind really nailed me on the last one. Missed by 14"! This week we had storm after storm and the wind was terrible, got 4 out of 21 shots. sometimes within an inch or 2, sometimes a couple feet.gun)
Hi Bert.
I use a Redding Custom full length die set with tapered expander ball. I set it up to neck size for 5 shots, then full length size 1 time, then go back to neck sizing. For a total of 8 shots, then I get new brass. Brass is still useable, but don't want to risk a case seperation.gun)
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