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    Jul 20, 2007
    I would like to vent a little...

    I little over a year ago I started this thread:

    I wanted to build a .510 caliber subsonic/suppressed rifle using my Savage LA, and decided to go with the 300 Ultra Mag case cut down. I have seen two cartridges similar, the .50 Razorback and 500 RAM. Getting some info on anything like this is like pulling teeth. The guys that make the Razorback are from Arkansas and not too far from me. I called them to have a rifle put together but was told it would be at least two years before he could even think about it, too busy making 300 Blackouts. The next person I tried is a fella on this site, his buddy built one for himself. He has youtube video's about it and one of them posted here about hunting some antelope with it. The problem is they were not exactly helpful, at all. I have tried messages and emails on several other sites he visits, as well as his own business site. I guess I'm on my own.

    After a 9 month wait my suppressor paperwork came in and two months later the barrel arrived from Kreiger (yep that's 11 months). A month or so later, the builder did all the prep and assembly. I got to pick it up the weekend after Christmas, but it isn't exactly ready to go.
    For starters, a loaded round will not chamber correctly! The reamer was made too small (diameter and throat length). I have to seat the .50 BMG projectiles so far into the case that I might as well have made the case length almost a half inch shorter. Then the brass needs to be reamed and turned so much that it is rediculous. I wouldn't even think about firing anything but lower subsonic loads. What makes me mad is that I was going to send a dummy round to have the reamer based off of but the builder spoke with PT&G and he said they had it worked out and the dummy wasn't needed. Last week, after trying to call for a couple weeks, I got a text from him that he ordered another reamer. This is after we agreed on me sending in a dummy round to make sure it is right this time. I have been trying to call PT&G all week to make sure they don't build it without talking to me first.
    When I first picked up the rifle I thought "That is the longest 20" barrel I've ever seen!". There is a reason for that, it's 25" long. What I wanted was 16", but told him no longer then 20 just in case something got messed up and that would leave several inches to play with. Remember, this is mostly going to be for subsonic loads. Now it's longer than my .338 Edge. Even the twist isn't what I ordered, it's a 1-8" and I said 1-9". Whatever, I can handle that. Just wonder how it's gonna treat full power cast bullets.
    The rifle was supposed to have been coated, but he knew it wasn't right and said when we get it shooting correctly he will put a coat on it.
    When I picked it up the trigger wasn't working correctly. Several years ago I replaced the factory with a Rifle Basixs. He messed with it for a while and I have too, it will not cock unless the safety is on. JUST FREAKING GREAT!
    He builds several suppressors every year but this was his first .510 caliber. He basically just built one of his .308 cans but with a larger channel. I have loaded and shot about a dozen very low velocity rounds through it and it doesn't have enough internal volume to get the noise level down to where it should be so he is going to build me a larger/longer one and scrap this one.
    I shot several loads through it using different primers and bullets, the accuracy is the worse I ever seen. And I mean EVER. Hope that changes in the future.
    I had CH4D build me some dies, the bullet seater die isn't exactly working properly. My gun builder was supposed to make me a new one using the VLD stem that came with the CH4D die, but he hasn't.

    Needless to say, I'm not very happy. I'm actually pretty pi$$ed off about this whole thing. It'll be another month or two, at least, till this is remedied. I have actually thought about getting a builder on this site to help me fix this, but I've got a lot of money invested in this project and just want my builder to make it right.
    Thanks for letting me vent. Did it help? Not really:D

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    Feb 28, 2011
    That whole story reminds me of the old saying...." Beat me with a chain....the whip doesnt hurt anymore"... Good luck guy!
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    Jun 22, 2011
    At this point, you have to be asking yourself if your builder CAN get it right? And if not..when do you cut your ties with him?
  4. Outlaw6.0

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    Feb 18, 2010
    I feel your pain Bravo, thankfully, not to the point your at :D. More that one of us have been down that road with a "custom gun plumber". Once a guy loses confidence in a 'smith, I feel it's time to call'er quits. My experiences are quite close to that of yours, you order A then B is delivered, assembled XYZ & you get WTFlightbulb

    I am happy to see that the guru is as least saying he will make it right. I honestly hope he does. If there's one lesson i've learned about that sort of interactio, it is: Document, Document, Document.

    Let us know how it turns out,

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    Aug 10, 2003
    Believe it or not, I have had worse experiences in gun builds, and it is always agony to look back on...

    It's a shame this happened to you, and you're not alone.
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    Jul 20, 2007
    Yep it sucks, I also had CQ duty again when I wrote this. So I was bored.
    A good friend of mine has been using this guy for years. His stuff will flat out shoot. I guess he has been slipping lately. For our elk hunt this year the same buddy had a .338 built. A few days prior to leaving he went to pick it up, expecting a Lapua but got an Edge instead. I kinda got a chuckle about that, he didn't! He was going to use it for the hunt and then take it back, but it shoots so good he decided to keep it.

    I'm not going to put this guys name out to anybody, ima see how he handles this situation. I have talked to and met with him probably a dozen times and think he will try to make it right. I think he just has too much going on at the moment, he also runs a family business and it is going through a split.