Finally! have a chance at a new rifle/scope!!


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Jan 31, 2010
Southern Ontario
Im turning 17 this year and i quiet my job working at Canadian Tire last October. I spend all my savings from working there towards hunting. I did a bear hunt in early September, i bought a good range finder, payed half towards reloading equipment, Nikon Monarch rifle scope. After i blew my money i got an offer on a Browning A-Bolt Medallion, Brand new. Still in the box. In a 300.wsm for 450-500 dollars. I love Browning Rifles and i know that its a steal but i also am looking for a new scope to replace my tasco on my 7mm rem mag. I am looking into a Leupold VX-III with CDS which is just a little more then the Browning. I know that the Browning wont be there long, but the scope is still being made and eventually the prices will drop. I just got a new job, paying better then before with better hours.

I dont need the Browning due to already owning a 30-30, 7mm, 30-06 and have a 270. win and 303 that are my fathers and brothers. The 30-06 i am thinking of giving to my little brother when he gets his licence in March as a present. That gives me another reason to go after that Browning.

what do you think?
Sounds like you need to thank your folks for raising you right! I have no idea who you are, but I like your style! Go for it. It took me alot longer than 17 to grow my rifle collection that big. If you like the rifle and its in good shape, buy it. If you want to add another tool to the box so to speak, not to mention futre trading stock etc if you dont like/need it later. Scopes are pretty easy to come by, good deals on rifles dont come around near as often.
You may find a good quality scope on that 7mm may be as good as getting a new gun. A gun is only as good as what your aiming through. But if you don't have a WSM you need one, IMHO :D.
Bigngreen makes a good point. I just re-read your origional post. If you only have 1 scoped rifle, of all the calibers mentioned a new scope of good quality,could open up a whole new world for you on any of the rifles mentioned. Also as he said, everyone needs a wsm or two, or three, or four.......I love my 270 wsm and want a 300wsm, but Ive been looking at 2 other rifles I need to figure out how to afford to add to my collection before I get the my next wsm. What an awesome predicament to be in. So many great things I cant live without, and so little patience for prioritizing my needs hahaha
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