Fiberglass Stock for Tikka M695.


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Nov 28, 2019
Father in Law and I are sharing points for an Antelope hunt this year, he's got the lion's share of points. He has Tikka M695 in a 257 weatherby he'd like to use but it has a cracked stock and hasn't been able to find a replacement. I'd love to be able to help him out with this. I can't spend brand new money on one right now, so curious if anyone has one collecting dust. Would like it to be light weight if possible, and if beggers are being choosers a vertical grip would be great. Anyone have something laying around??
☎️ phone is your best bet,start calling specialists with duplicating machines. There are gunsmith’s that glue rifle sticks, good luck.
Excuse my ignorance. What is a duplicating machine, not sure who to be looking to get a hold of that might have one. Like a 3D printer?
Sorry it’s a machine that copies another stock , mostly made out of wood blanks,sometimes laminated wood . many old wooden rifle stocks can be copied you just need the original to copy .