Favorite Deer Rifle

No question in my mind... my good old 30-06. Probably one of the most versatile, reliable, repeatable (and accurate) hunting rifles I own. It has taken a beating over the years, traveled thousands of miles in my rifle case and has never let me down. Easy to find, readily available OTC ammo almost anywhere in the world - in virtually every bullet type and weight that your heart desires. I've personally taken everything from ground hogs, coyotes, antelope, whitetail deer, mule deer, and elk with it. It's good in the brush, and on the open plain. It'll drop almost anything in North America and I've shot several animals out to 400 yards and most were DRT. While I do have and like some of my other rifles, if I'm ever in doubt, I always pull that one out!
My go to hunting rifle in general is my South Texas Arms pigstick in 6.8spc, mostly because majority of my hunting and game animals are within it's lethality range. I can do anything with it in Texas, including kill Nilgai if I wanted to (it's a little more difficult but it can be done). Killed lots of pigs, some oryx, and definitely some speed goats and blackbucks.
I have one, too and I love it. BUT.. I've never found a bullet I'd tackle a Nilgai with. 😅
I have one, too and I love it. BUT.. I've never found a bullet I'd tackle a Nilgai with. 😅
Funny story I have is from a friend of mine and his 15 year old boy. His boy was using his grendel to kill predators and pigs, and they went out Nilgai hunting one night, and that's all he had. Ended up putting 5 rounds because he kept forgetting to head shoot them... kept shoulder punching them. Finally that fifth shot was to the dome, and it went down and was dead. He was drenched in sweat and tired, but dad still made him skin and quarter the nilgai before getting to bed. all 5 bullets were recovered!
Sako L579 Forrester given to me by my uncle around 2000. He purchased it in early 60's as a .243 and shot the bbl out on woodchucks. Had Flaigs (anyone remember them?) put a new .243 bbl on it and I shot woodchucks for years with it. Once they leagalized rifles for deer here I put a new bbl on it in .338 federal and have been deer hunting ever since with it. Since put a custom stock on it along with Timney trigger. Tiny, light action, great looking with lots of history behind it. 200 gn hornadys work great on deer also!
beautiful rifle!

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