Farrell Bases- What good are they?


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Dec 26, 2003
I am real frustrated now. I did not know, being a newbie that the Farrel base was so dang high! It simply will not work with my 40mm leupold Mark 4 scope, arggggg Too dang high and no options to correct it.

So where or when do Farrell bases shine? When mounting 56 mm objective lens night force scopes?
I use the same set up. A 40mm mark 4 with KF base.

What kind of rings are you using?? It sounds like your rings might be too high. A short to medium high ring should be good for that set up. I am using Leupold QR medium rings. Those work real nice with that base. Maybe try using shorter rings. That base isnt that high.

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I kinda like the Farrel. I am using the Farrel base, with standard Farrel rings, and a 40mm obj. scope. I have just enough clearance for the Butler Creek scope caps to clear the barrel nicely.

I like the fact that the Farrel base is a little higher, as it makes it easier to load the cartridges into the magazine (I am shooting .300WM, more clearance for the fat cartridges)

Also, the slots for the rings are only at the ends, where you need them, not above the loading port. One less thing to bust your thumb on. (not that I have girly little thumbs or anything) Actually, I have big, fat, thumbs- maybe that's why I appreciate the extra clearance.

Shorter rings will probably correct your issue, but I know 150 bucks a set is steep.

I have seen ads from time to time, from folks in similar situations, wanting to trade Mediums for Lows, Lows for Highs, etc

Might be worth a look at the classifieds on this board and others.


Check intothe Tactical Precision Systems TSR-W low rings. http://www.tacticalprecision.com/TSR%20W-Series.htm

They are very tough, cost around $75 , cheaper if you can get the discount at Brownells, they look good and work great, should get your scope low enough. I have a set of these on a 20-MOA Farrell baseusing a Sightron 4x16x42AO, and a set of Farrell standard rings on a 0-MOA Farrell base using a 3x9x40 Leupold Tactical. In one of your other posts I think you refered to there being a 3/8" gap between scope and barrel, I just don't see that as excessive, maybe it's just me. I want a good solid strong mount and I do not care so much about how much gap there is between the scope and barrel. As far as the cheek weld, most of the shooters I know have had to go to an adjustable cheekpiece or get some sort of stock pack and put a piece of foam in there to get to the right height.

Farrell 20-MOA base, TSR-W low rings, Sightron 4x16x42AO

Farrell 0-MOA base, Farrell standard rings, Leupold 3x9x40 Tactical

Hope this helps.

Hey Michael...

Do you think you could measure the clearance of your objective from barrel? Are you using a varmint barrel?

Thanks so much for the help!

Are you using a 30mm tube scope on your rifle?

I can get lower rings for a 1" scope but not for the 30mm, nonetheless I have some PRW loopies coming in the mail and I already have the farrel 20moa base.

Perhaps I will screw it together and see. Maybe I was misled!

Thanks very much for the replies, one and all.
I'm with Hunin1 , the TRS rings are great and a whole lot cheaper than the Leo's , AND , I have seen several cases where the Leo's had to be lapped alot more than the TRS

I have roughly .575" from the objective to the top of my barrel. Yes I do have a varmint contour. For me this is a good height. This may be too high for some shooters. I am also using medium high rings and standard rings would fix this issue.

Also the 2 piece KF base is much lower if you want a 2 peice base.

I hope this helps!
no, I am using a Shepherd, it has a 1-inch tube. It does sit slightly higher with the Farrel hardware, than the standard loopy stuff I was using... but I actually like it better. It allows the scope caps to clear the barrel when I spin the objective. With the lower mounting, the little nubs you use to pop the cap open would bump into the barrel.

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