Ken Farrell Bases


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Jun 12, 2001
Palmer, Alaska
Okay, I'm a picky SOB, so take this FWIW.

Overall, the Farrell base is nice, good height, nicely machined and much cheaper than BO or NF either one, now they even offer the G-Force base with the lug too.

Here's two problems with the Farrell base I've seen surface here lately that I'm not too impressed with though, remember I'm a picky SOB.

On one side (I forget which), on both bases, Savage and Remington both were .008 shorter on one side in height than the other side, which cants the base on the action. Both needed a shim and fully bedded to level them so the scope wouldn't be canted on another rifle if switched in the rings.

The other problem, brought to my attention by someone here, Ian I think. The spacing between the slots was .5, now something like .4, closer to the BO and NF now. Problem is, they don't carry the spacing all the way from fron to rear, but change it in the middle where they put their name on it. Scopes mounted on this rail will not swap to a NF or BO rail because this spacing is not maintained front to rear.

No big deal, either one of these things I guess, if you don't swap scopes and have money for one on each rig like I never seem to.

Just something to consider...
Yea-- I agree, if it were grooved like a picatinny, it would be much more conveinant (sp), but it is less than 1/2 the price of other bases, si i deal with it

call ken and mention it--he is a good guy.

maybe i'll do that too.

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