Factory Rounds for 22-250


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Mar 17, 2012
Is there a factory round out there for 22-250 with bullet weight of 75-80 grain? I can't find anything on Nosler or Hornadys websites so I'm guessing the only option is to reload
The twist rate is way off on most 22-250s as you need 1-8 twist for the 75 to 80 gners.
The twist rate is way off on most 22-250s as you need 1-8 twist for the 75 to 80 gners.

Yeah I realize that. I'm just curious because I been considering building a (my first) custom rifle with a 1 in 8 or 1 in 9 twist, but I don't reload and was looking for factory ammo that would be good for this build.
Sounds like you need to pick up a reloading kit and some dies with the new barrel ;-)

Or copper creek ammunition I think will load you custom loads the way you want them but not sure
Thanks, I been thinkin about gettin into reloading but find it a little overwhelming at this point. There isn't any people close to me that are into reloading, people just use factory rifles with factory ammunition around these parts. Guess before I dive into a custom rifle I'll have to learn to reload!
First thing get a good reloading book like hornadays 8th and read it then get you a good loading press kit and some dies and have fun you can see just how accurate your factory rifle is ;-)
Move up to a 243 for those heavier bullits and you will find plenty of ammo choices. I shoot alot of 22-250 Hornady V-max 55gr and I have killed Deer, although I don't recommend it for Deer hunting, Fox, and Ground Hogs and it's a devestating round. So I don't know what you are trying to kill but the 22-250 is an awsome rd.
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