22-250 for deer?


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Jun 5, 2014
Tyler Texas
it is time to move on this is supposed to be a long range forum not a varmint rifle forum

it is obvious with the number of people who have posted their are to many people who don't care about clean *Rule 1 Violation*al kills they should find a varmint hunting site and post their ****
Bless your heart

John 264

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Jun 15, 2019
You can report the thread, the little bell icon in the lower left of this post, to the Admin and see if they care about your feelings.
I personally have exceptionally clean kills out into the 600 yard range with 22-250's loaded for hunting deer and antelope, if you can't produce similar results I'd say that a personal issue!
good for you butter cup keep telling your self that when you are trying to find one you gut shoot


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Apr 4, 2005
I have a hard time understanding how someone can't figure a 22-250 won't clean a deer's clock, maybe I've just shot to many deer and antelope with one, maybe people just don't know they make bullets in 22 cal that are not varmint bullets but bullets like corelocks, partitions and many other soft point, I typically shoot them right behind the shoulder and they run 30-50 yards and tip over, just like when I shoot them with my 250-3000, 243, 6.5 Creed or 270 WSM but with less recoil, heck I've had deer make it farther shot behind the shoulder with a RUM than I have a 22-250!!
Takes a lot to bring me out of retirement... But...
When did you become so 'proper' in posting? :)

The understanding is simple. They can't figure it, because they've never done it, let alone consider it. Nothing more than armchair and keyboard expert naysayers on display.


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Feb 12, 2019
Vancouver, WA
good for you butter cup keep telling your self that when you are trying to find one you gut shoot
Wen somebody gut-shoots a deer, the cartridge used for the poor shot doesn't matter much. One that it gut-shot with a 338 WM is just as gut-shoot as one that is poorly hit with a 22-250. To imply otherwise is a bit amateurish.


Nov 11, 2009
I need to step up my game I guess. I only use the 223. Put it in the slats and the deer is down in under 40 yards (usually less) just like any other “deer” cartridge. Farthest shot has been about 240 yards closest has been 10 yards. I’ve used the 243 with 58gr vmax and dropped it on the spot by putting it in the ribs from about 75 yards away.

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