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Mar 15, 2004
Hey everybody. I want to get into long range hunting but dont have the money for a new rifle. I do have a new model 70 featherweight 7mm wsm with a 24" barrel. I understand it has a high B.C so it would be good for long range. Im new at long distance so some help with bullet selection would be good. Also how far would i be able to shoot with this gun. With a little work ive got it shooting 1 inch 5 shot groups at 200 yards, so the gun shoots well.
I used to have a Ruger 7mm Rem mag that shot very similar groups to those you have described. I used 168 gr. SMK's. The farthest confirmed kill I made was a 438 yd. prairie dog. Beyond that I didn't have enough scope (old redfield 3x9) and the trigger was just too heavy. As to range, how far can you hold that .5 MOA accuracy?
the farthest ive shot this gun so far is 300 yards, and I had a few groups right at 1 inch or just below. my average group (3shots) at 300 was something like 1.25"
featherweight 7wsm
-- you could always put a heavier barrel on that gun in the same caliber - the 7wsm is good to 1K or more for deer with the heavier bullets.

I cant believe that skinny barrel doesnt wander all over after 3 shots

162 a-max is a goon un or the 168SMK, 180 JLK, 180 berger

sierra will have a 175 SMK soon

HAHA it did wonder at first. My dad has a good friend who is a pretty good gunsmith
He did some work on the gun and it shoots great. Im not exactly sure what he did to it, but i know he "rebedded" it and did some trigger work. Before the work I was shooting 2" groups at 100 yds.
What are you trying to hunt? And unless its prairie dogs, your moa should be based on 2 shots only! Once the target identification and moa has been establised you can then decide how far the gun can kill.null
Technically MOA=1.047"@ 100 yards.. Practically it is 1" @ 100 yards, 2" @ 200, 3" @ 300 etc., etc.. I may be wrong about the technical measurement but I'm pretty sure that's what it is.. d:^) JiNC

You might start another thread so your last question gets more attention, easier to search for later on as well. Ian could probably explain all about it much better than I, i'm surprised I was even able to explain it all to my cousin this week, but I had the advantage of visual aids to do it. Ian's good with words. You "do" need to have a thurough understanding of it to make this all easy, and it's a good question too.
Hey, PaHunter...MOA is 1 inch basicly at 100 yds...Shoot 2 shots at the farthest range out to 300yds and let the rifle cool for a couple of minutes...repete this 2 more times...post on this board each of the 3 groups seperately and what game you plan to hunt and where...should be able to make a determination on rifles killing distance or futher info being required, scope power make etc...forget 3 and 5 shot groups now...

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At 100 yards I'll have two shots overlapping eachother with my 7mm wsm. I plan on hunting whitetails In Northern Pa in december (its usually between 0 and 20 degrees F)
PaHunter...try 300 yards...overlaping means touching?...what is the distance in inches from center hole to center hole at 100yds the last time you shot? and how many shots did you take?
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