SOLD/EXPIRED F/S 7STW barrel weaver tac rings 721 30/06

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    Jan 10, 2010
    Cleaning up the gun room n clearing out some stuff I'm not gonna be using.

    First up: Remington 7mag 24" barrel rechambered to 7STW for a build then never put together. About 200 rds. through the tube before rechambering. $60 shipped CONUS

    2: Brand new in the package Weaver matte high 30mm 6 bolt rings $20 shipped CONUS

    3: Early (1948?) Remington 721 in 30/06. has been restocked with a bdl stock in the 60's n full length bedded (not the prettiest) with a brand X 3-9 on burris mounts. I played around with a load for it a bit and it was shooting 1.25" 5 shot groups. Made for a good starter rifle for the wife but she's got a shiny new Abolt/BOSS to play with now. At this price it's a good starter for junior or fine action to build from. It has that SWEET pre lawyer trigger....almost want to keep it for that alone but I've got too many projects going.
    $375 shipped to your FFL from private individual.
    Pics upon request...gotta get 'em taken and onto the computer.

    would consider trading for a hart/kreiger etc. 300 rum barrel of the heavier persuasion to play with... maybe swap the 7stw for something comparable in 25/06 or 280 AI...let me know what you have...