Ever been here? EXTREME WIND


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Jan 3, 2009
After I paid my $25 tax (tresspass fee) on 10/24/2012, to take a short cut, on level ground, 1,000 yds across the Indian Reservation land, I finally - with the help of my CO Pvt land chip (thanks Len), came to MY LAND {USFS} YeeHA.

It was dryer, than hell must be, in lower CO this year.

Finally, I climbed 200' up to a ridge point and get situated where I can shoot into both back fingers of the drainage. Now I have done ALL the home work on where my bullet is suppose to be at all times under almost any conditions, you know.....9,928', Zero F, 20mph crosswind, blinding snow at 100% humidity, spin drift out to 1,300 yds, Superformance Powder Temp. Sensitivity adjustment (119 fps swing from 100F down to 0F) and last but not least the WIND!!!!!!!! WELL, SOME WIND.

Left the Explorer mid afternoon on a recon – trip with light wind and 60F.
Now that I am sitting here Mother Nature Ramps up her C-PAP machine and it must be howling around 50 to 65 mph gusts at 90 degrees to my 400 yard max-range shot in this location. Looked down to rifle stock at spread sheet and 10 mph at 90 deg was 8.4”. Figured I needed around 50” correction in this example (+- 5”).

I had no idea how much wind adj. to make (forgot my wind meter-in SC) cause I could not hold the 338WM out in a freehand position at this velocity.
But a country boy will survive. I decided on a plan for quick action if I saw HIM! If he was at 400 yds headed into the wind I put it on his nostrils and fire one...DRT! If~n he is headed with the wind at 400 yds put it center of rear wheel where the white meets the brown and fire one...DRT! We will never know now good I would have been cause all that came by was mulies. My point is you still have to adapt even if you did all your homework. It was 58 F when I got back to my wheels in the dark and the wind was calm as a cucumber. Next night @ dark 50 mi East and up 1,000' it was 28F same time. That was what that wind blew in.

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