Eric in oklahoma says hello all


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Feb 5, 2010
oklahoma usa
i am very interested in making 1000yd shots and im smart enough to ask some of you pros how to acomplish this goal. the rifle i will be using is a weatherby 300mag vanguard.the only modification is a muzzlebreak,now its more fun to shoot.any and all advice is welcome,dont have tons of money to spend,2000.00 scopes etc. but will buy whats needed.ammo is exspensive for this thing.thinking i should try a 30.06 to practice with.
Great caliber for 1k plus. I have one in a model 70 winchester, but Im still trying to be consistant at 600 on paper.
Theres LOTS of guys with LOTS of 1k plus experience on here that are more than willing to share knowledge and tipps. hope you enjoy.
Re: somebody please get on board

i expected more help from some of you pros.thanks winmag for your reply.come on guys i could really use your help
Part of the problemb eric300, may be that most(not all) out of the box rifles are not capable of achieving the level of accuracy that may be required at 1k or more.
Especially with factory ammo(not at all that it cant be done or implying wby ammo isnt good enough) but you never once mentioned if your 300 was a win- wby- dakota-savage.......etc(i know wby doesnt offer rifles in the latter 2) nor if you hand load (guessing only here, but possibly no?) and if your concerned about ammo prices being high... well.... Lots of people on here are willing to share info, but maybe you should try a new thread on the main page like in an area where more shooters are likley to see your post such as, "equipment'' or " rifles bullets barrels and ballistics''
Also phrasing your question slightly different and adding more info would probably help. IE; Hey, new here just wondering if i could get some accurising tips on a wby vanguard in 300(?what?) with (180?)grn factory ammo,?, shooting (?) inch groups at 100 currently. rifle has an aftermarket break (and ? trigger work?) here are my expectations/goals (?) at 1k for (hunting elk?) what steps can i currently take to get there on a budgett?
Id bet you if phrased properly and asked politely in the right place(forum) with enough info to merrit a response, youd get more helpfull hints and advise than you could use.
not all the guys check out the new guy page on a regular basis. mind your p's and q's and most people on L/R/H that ive had dealings with are more than willing to help. best of luck
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