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Dec 29, 2015
I grew up hunting watersnakes as a kid in North Texas. All I had was a 22cal air pump Benjamin and a stick. Nothing like hunting water moccasins. I hated them far more than I feared them. I was never bit but this hunting began when one tried to go after my dogs puppies. Age 11-12 I was on a mission. Before I turned 13 I had bagged 33 of them. 34 tried to bite my Dad. I saw it before he did and kept him from being bit.

I do not hunt game for sport or meat and I do not care if others do so. I just cannot get excited by hunting any thing that cannot hunt back. I prefer some thing mean and in need of it. Wild Boar hunting has caught my attention. This is way too far away from me to be any thing of a daily routine. Time to take time should be in the near future.

I am interested in one other round out there too. The 358/300Win Magnum. From what I have read it is a very efficient bullet. I already pack the 300 Win Mag so this is no stranger. I have the extra brass to neck up once I have the new rifle built. I was thinking a Remington 700 for this.

My reloading skills are so newbie I go over every thing 3 times and spend days to make a few rounds. I wish I could learn for some one really good at it. I seems to me to be worth paying some one to go to class to learn it right. If that never happens I do know my last reloads were spot on. Keeping the notes and not losing them was my mistake. I had to move a couple times. I may find em one day.

My interests are 308 & 358 Winchester then 300 Win Mag and the 358/300Win Mag these 4 calibers are all I have time to play with. The one round will be all I will feed that rifle. Too many different bullets is too confusing and I wish I had limited my selecting to one a long time ago. I must have twenty different bullet types for one hand gun. When 158gr HP is all that 357 likes. I should have stopped right there.

Feel free to send me notes on these if you wish. I am here to develop just one round selection per cartridge.

165 grain ??????? for 308

180 grain ??????? for 300 Win Mag

200 grain ??????? for the 358 Win --- Wild Boar 20" barrel

225 - 250 gr for the 358/300 Win Mag. TBD

Be safe and stay out of the News.
Buy "Reloading for Long Range Hunting." Check at the Long Range Store for the DVD. If they do not have it go to the Defensive Edge web site and order it.
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