Elk Hunting


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Apr 12, 2002
Loon Lake WA
Alright guys, lets see them pic's! I know its the season, and since I ain't haveing any luck, I want to hear about others having luck. Have all kinds of sign, but them critters just keep hiding from me, don't they know that i just want to talk!?! HAHA!
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Shooting a 300RUM and 165gr speer grand slam at 3430fps.The bull was shot at 230yds and the buck at 325.I had these bullets laying around and they shot good at 200yds,less than inch.The bull went down with one shot,heart and lungs with a pass through.The buck fell with one also.Busted up the shoulder,fraged and lodged in the other shoulder.The weight retension wasnt impressive.Bullet weighed 96.5 grains after removing excess meat.The 200gr MK's shoot great out of the Shilen barrel but I couldnt talk myself into using them.Its bad when your buck is bigger than your bull.
Not long range, but my Father-In-Law helped get these two bucks. 28 1/2" on the right, 26" buck on the left.


Here is one of my brothers muzzle buck from this year. I scanned in the pic so it is not real clear, but the buck is a very heave 27" (with the cheater). I call it long range since it was killed at a lasered 160 yards using a .54 Lyman Great Plains shooting a 340 gr Powerbelt.


Barry. Is that bull 1 1/2 or a 2 1/2 year old bull? I spent some time guiding down around Trinidad and it seems to me there are few spikes and it looks like 1 1/2 year old bulls are branch antlered like that. The 2 1/2 year olds were not as "raggy" as what I typically see and looked more like the 3 /12 year old bulls in other parts of the state. Just curious what your thoughts are on the bull.

Where abouts did you get the buck? I saw one killed on some of Doc Bibber's(sp?) land on the Apishipa River a few years ago that that one reminds me of.
The deer was shot on National forest land near Bear Lake close to Forbes land.I think the bull was 2 1/2 trs old but not forsure.The littlest body I've ever taken.I know a guy that killed a 35 inch spread on Pinon Canyon this year[5 by 5].I need to go talk to Biber about calling coyotes.
Great pic's guys! Thanks for sharing. Elk hunting here in WA sure is tough! But I keep trying. Know some farmers that have elk, but they won't let anyone hunt their place. Very nice muley Barry. Hey QuietHunter, what the heck took you so long to post? Knew you would have some nice pic.'s. Something about "Location."
All you guys, GOOD JOB. You all did outstanding!!! Awesome!! Thanks for the pictures; it allows those of us who couldn't make it out West this year to live vicariously through you-all. Thanks again!!!
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