EGW Scope base screws


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Feb 9, 2007
Central Illinois
I really like the EGW one piece scope bases. My only complaint is the Allen head screws they include as they always end up stripped (the drive portion of the head) if you have to remove the screws.

I recently had that happen while pulling a base. I just talked to EGW and found out they offer the Torx head screws for $3.00 a set! If you have this same problem, give them a call and order the better screws. I ordered 3 sets while I was at it.

I told them I would happily pay more up front for these screws to be inculded with the bases, but apparently I am the minority!
I just ordered a rail from them today and right next to the price is a click on box to add the Torx screws. Before you had to chase them right next to the rail or rings order itself.
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